textual advertisingTextual advertising is becoming a recognized powerful marketing tool nowadays. In New York, many company websites are concentrating their marketing efforts on the use of textual ads.

What Textual Advertising Means

It refers to paid variety of ads which appear on the first page of search engines’ results pages. The frequency of the ad’s appearance is contingent upon the keywords and web design employed by the marketer. The ads appear as “text” as contrasted to banner ads which utilize images.  That is why, it is dubbed as “textual advertising”

It is a novel strategy when it comes to online marketing. Even if this is so, the market is continuously increasing along with upsurge in the volume of sales spawned by search engines.

Advantages of Textual Advertising

It has numerous benefits, making it palatable for advertisers in various industries. Here are just some of the reasons why textual advertising is the new messiah of marketers out there:

  • It narrows down the scope of your marketing efforts to your target readers. It makes you concentrate on people who are initially interested with your products and endeavors to turn them into clients. These people are those who search for products or services similar to what you are offering. For instance, you are offering “bags”, you can choose the keyword “bags for sale”. So, the ads appear only when potential customers type a combination of these keywords in their respective search engines. Banner displays cannot accomplish this targeted type of marketing. They do not distinguish from among users who can view them.
  • Textual advertising reduces marketing costs. In banner advertising, you pay for the number of times that your banner ads are displayed. On the other hand, you only pay for the number of times users click on your textual ads.
  • Textual advertising platforms out there have well-built systems for analytics. These tools target a given demographic. They also determine beforehand the marketing costs that would be involved for a specific campaign. Therefore, textual advertising gives to the marketers the reigns in controlling the company’s purse and the choice of target clients.

Textual Advertising is the name of the game

Today’s digital age make the competition in the market even stiffer. As such, this advertising provides marketers an oasis in the desert. For online users who are simply fed up with annoying banners that pop up every now and then, textual advertising is a form of relief. They no longer have to put up with graphics that crowd their webpages. In fact, many predict that it will soon replace graphics advertising in the online world.

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