mobile marketingMobile marketing has two meanings. Both meanings are based on the technology being utilized. The first is a type of marketing that involves movements. Examples are moving billboards and road shows. The second one is the more modern meaning. This type is marketing through a mobile phone. Businesses can advertise by sending a short message. This is called mobile originate or MO message. They can opt to do it via a call. This is mobile terminate or MT message. Businesses have found that advertising through mobile phone is much easier and faster.

However, mobile marketing wasn’t always seen as a good thing. In the early years, it gathered bad reputation. Advertisers bought a list of mobile users. They then started sending them unwanted messages. This made people think that they are spam. Businesses, however, saw the potential of this type of marketing. Thus in later years, they became stricter. They established security measures and rules. The Mobile Marketing Associations and service providers laid down guidelines. The aim is to ensure the proper use of mobile marketing. And thus, the mobile network became a legal marketing channel.

In America, the first SMS short code campaign was launched in 2002. Short codes made sending a message with complete information easier. These short codes were numbers that are assigned to mobile operators from a specific location. They are usually used for campaigning purposes. These codes were under scrutiny. They were constantly monitored by service providers. This was to avoid violation of the original service description.

On the other hand, mobile marketing has become a very good way of promotion in Asia and Europe. Millions of money are actually being spent on investing on mobile marketing. Like in America, the use of short codes has proven helpful. It makes marketing a lot easier.

Although very beneficial, there has to be precautions taken. Messages received for marketing should be solicited. Receivers should have chosen to receive them. They should be able to stop them at any time they wish to do so. Mobile Marketing Association has laid down this guideline. Every business owner interested in doing mobile marketing should comply with it.

Moreover, service providers have made it possible to receive SMS promotions via an email address. They have also created games, music, etc. that can be used for promotional purposes. These can be sent via Multimedia Message Service (MMS). Providers have also made it possible to send messages via Bluetooth. This way message transfer is faster and it’s free. Thanks to today’s technology, customers can be tracked via GPS as well. People can now conduct mobile marketing based on someone geographical location.

Mobile Marketing for your Business

Mobile marketing has proven to be an easier way of promoting your business. It continuously develops, always finding ways to make transactions cheaper and faster. It is safe strategy because it is customer opted. Mobile marketing works because it makes a reaching a wider audience in less time and cost possible.

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