mobile document shreddingMobile document shredding services are readily available these days. Businesses can now easily destroy confidential documents on the spot.

What is Mobile Document Shredding?

It is a fact for businesses to have plenty of documents. Most of them gather dust over time. This is true if they have confidential documents. It’s because they cannot be disposed easily by throwing them in the waste bin. So for some, when these are no longer in use, they re-use them. Some throw them. However, federal laws are strict. They require that businesses safely and thoroughly destroy them. This is especially true as regards sensitive consumer information.

With mobile document shredding services, important documents will be shredded in front of the company representative. This makes sure that the business complies with the requirements of the law. Document shredders go to the company’s physical location. They are used mainly for shredding confidential documents.

What happens is this. There is a medium sized truck with built-in shredding device. This is attached at the back of the vehicle. This makes the shredder capable of moving to the company’s location. It then shreds the documents on sire. The truck proceeds to the location of the company. The process of shredding happens right in front of the office. The company representative has to watch while the process is ongoing. This normally takes a few minutes. It depends on the bulk of documents.

Mobile document shredding makes sure that the company is in compliance with the law. Moreover, it is mobile. The following are other reasons why mobile document shredding services are advantageous:

  • Steel-locked containers. Companies that offer mobile document shredding services have secured containers. These are emptied on schedule or every time they get full.
  • Certification. Businesses can get a Certificate of Destruction. This does not totally absolve the business from the responsibility in case of liability. However, it still helps mitigate liability.
  • Easy and accessible. You don’t have to transport tons of documents anymore to have them shredded. Just call the mobile document shredding services. They will come right to your office. All you have to do is have an employee witness the process.
  • Unrecoverable. The services provided by mobile shredders do not allow recovery or reconstruction of shredded documents. Once cut up into pieces, they are incapable of restoration. Thus, there is no danger of possibly exposing confidential documents to the public after shredding.
  • Affordability. Shredding business documents cost only pennies per pound.
  • First-hand verification. This means that the company personnel is on the watch while the documents are being shredded. The service is being done right in front of your office.
  • Time efficient. No employee-hours will be wasted. Mobile document shredding services is done during office hours. They are conducted in front of the office location. Moreover, it is done by a machine and not manually. Huge piles of documents can be shredded in matters of minutes.

Are you looking for easy ways to shred confidential documents? Look for companies that offer mobile document shredding services within your locality. Mobile shredding is easy and secure. It is an affordable way for disposing documents.

Other service options include ongoing scheduled service and one-time bulk shredding. They also provide onsite shredding, offsite plant based shredding and one time purges. They do recycling, electronic destruction on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly schedule.

Are you thinking of disposing your documents? it is highly recommended that you hire these services. They have regular schedule of document shredding. So, your confidential documents won’t have to pile up in your documents cabinet. You won’t have to worry about the cost. The services are affordable. More importantly, they come at your own place. Hence, you get to save on transportation costs. Spare yourself of the time it takes to travel to and from the location of the business.