media protocolMedia protocol can dictate quite a lot of things. It says exactly what the media can and should say. It says that there are limitations to what can be published. Unfortunately, some people think that it is something to be afraid of, but media protocol can assist them. In general, it is made to protect both the media’s audience and its sources. However, very few businessmen are able to take care of the coverage that they are entitled to. A lot of people assume that media protocol does nothing to help them. They think that the media can hurt them so they put walls against the media. Afterwards, they hope to get good media reviews. To understand the protocol, here are a few things that you should know about it:

Let your voice be heard

The truth is that no matter what you say about an event or occasion, a large enough occurrence will still warrant a piece in the news. Media protocol doesn’t need to dictate what events the media can cover because reporters can basically write about newsworthy things in general. The trick to going around this intimidating notion of the protocol is to simply let your voice be heard. It will be far better to have your comments included in a certain article than to leave the media and its audience to speculate.

Media protocol simply asks for respect

The good thing about media protocol is that it can be quite easy to keep a good relationship with the people creating your articles. All you have to do is to treat the reporters with respect. If a reporter feels good about you, then they will most probably treat you with respect, too. It’s important to remember that although the reporters are following media protocol, in the end they are still people who you should be civilized to. Treat them with respect and no doubt they will treat you with gratitude, too.

People who follow media protocol aren’t out to harm you

The protocol can generally say that reporters shouldn’t “target” people. In general, media isn’t supposed to do that. Sometimes, the people that a reporter tries to interview attack the reporter without question. Most of the time, the media is simply looking for information, so remember that the media is not out to harm you. Remember also that the media isn’t out to save you from an issue. Their media protocol is to report the facts.

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