successful ad campaignSuccessful ad campaign is quite hard to measure especially if you did not set your own indicators on how much of your ads helped convert into sales. But is there really a formula to gauge an ad campaign?

Not-so efficient ways to measure a successful ad campaign

1) Trial and error

There may be some who will suggest trial and error as a method to measure a successful ad campaign, but the caveat of this is that it will not give you a precise amount to your earnings from the supposedly successful campaign. This method can only give you an approximation of the return on investment and it would be hard to gauge from it if it was truly a successful ad campaign.

2) New customers

Another way to supposedly measure an ad campaign’s success is by the increase in the number of new customers coming in to your business day by day. But is it really realistic to do this? Perhaps if you only own a small neighborhood business and you seem to have memorized each and every one that passes through your entrance door. But what if it is a big business and a big store? Should you count via the surveillance camera who the new people are? Would it be easy to track who is new and who is a returning customer? This method is quite a tedious and taxing way of measuring a successful ad campaign.

What kind of methods then are feasible and effective in gauging a successful campaign?

Right ways to measure a successful ad campaign

1) Increase in sales

To gauge if it was truly a successful campaign, you can base it on the increase in the sales of the specific product that you have highlighted in your ad. If there has been an upsurge in product sales, then congratulations you have a successful ad campaign. If it is the reverse, then you might have to analyze what went wrong in your campaign.

2) Before and after sales comparison

Close to the previous one mentioned, another method is to closely track your sales before, during and after the duration of the ad campaign. This is because you cannot expect immediate results after the campaign has been released since most of the time, it actually takes some time to drizzle down into sales.

3) Raffle promos

An example of a successful ad campaign is via discounted items bundled with the best-selling products, which is an offer customers would be hard to resist. Businesses also conduct raffle promos by giving away big ticket items such as cars, trips, house and lots and the like. Usually they dictate that the higher the purchase amount, the more chances of winning. And since the prizes are very much enticing, customers tend to purchase more. This is usually one successful ad campaign used by big companies and malls.

4) Goal setting

The most important method to employ actually is via goal setting. Before launching any ad campaign, it is important to set the objectives that you want to attain. Setting goals will help set the direction and even make sure that it will truly be a successful ad campaign.

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