the art of persuasionThe art of persuasion is one skill that any human being should possess. Ever since we are young, we have used it even if we are not aware of it. Remember when you throw tantrums because your parents will not buy you something at the toy store? What about that time when you won’t stop crying until you are fed? The art of persuasion is doing something to someone in order to get what you want. It is a form of influence to guide people to adapt a certain idea or action. It is a strategy to solve problems by relying on appeal rather than force.

Using the Art of Persuasion in Writing Essays

When using the art of persuasion in writing essays, it requires certain techniques.  Writing persuasive essays means you want people to follow the ideas presented. In order to do this, the writer needs to have an argument and it should not be neutral. The argument should have a stand or it should be one-sided – it might not be pro or anti, but the essay should stand on facts in order to argue. The art of persuasion will come into play when your reader has a different stand or still undecided. If you have mastered it, they will side with you after reading your essay. A persuasive essay doesn’t mean that it is your personal opinion, of course it will be easier to argue if you believe in it. It is not a presentation of pros and cons. When you start writing, you already have your side and you write about it. An effective persuasive essay is backed up by logic and supported by evidence.

·      Present Strong Evidence

The art of persuasion will not work if your argument is not supported by evidence. Your readers will not be persuaded if your claims are not validated by credible sources. Double check your sources and your data. Do not just pick claims from thin air or manufacture evidence. Make sure that you do your research so you will have a well-written essay and a well-informed audience. The art of persuasion works by stating your facts in sequence because this will help your readers understand the topic and the claim. For example, if you want to claim that “water hyacinth has no place in our waters”, you should begin by stating the physical, ecological, and economic impacts it brings. Then you back it up with numerical data to carry the argument forward.

·      Mention Controversial Issues

As we’ve mentioned, the art of persuasion needs to be supported by empirical data. You should put controversial issues in order to help the reader understand your claims more. A general introduction of issues against the topic you’re discussing will help. Why? Because you have the chance to negate the controversial claims and make them agree with you. Using the art of persuasion in making your readers conform to your ideas should not leave your mind when writing your essay.

The art is innate to us, we have used it at least once in our life. Being a writer, mastering the art will do a lot for our credibility and authority in our field of expertise. The art of persuasion requires these techniques so you have a compelling essay to present to your readers. Nobody will believe what you are saying unless you persuade them to understand and believe your claims. In order to do that, you need to present strong evidence and introduce controversial issues to support your ideas.

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