marketing postcardsMarketing postcards is never an easy job as this is considered obsolete with the presence of the internet. But somehow, there are some people who still want to send their friends and loved ones something tangible to be nostalgic and sentimental about. So before we go directly through the process and things to consider in marketing postcards, let’s first enlighten ourselves with different kinds of postcards.

Types and ideas in marketing postcards

First we have what we call view postcards. These are postcards which show where historical landmarks, towns, buildings, and streets are located. View postcards are considered to be the one of the oldest kinds of postcards for they have been existent for a long period of time. Marketing postcards such as this kind will not be too hard because of its popularity and attractiveness

Postcards honoring historical events, politics, and social problems are called historical postcards. Events from the past worth remembering such as war, wrecks, earthquakes, and epidemic are included in this kind of postcard. In marketing postcards such as this one, commemorating history by using visuals should be interesting and not boring.

We also have the greeting card. This type of postcard is popular during the holidays especially during Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day and other important holidays where celebration is a must. Creative minds usually succeed in marketing postcards such as greeting cards because they personalize it by adding their photos or photos of their loved ones. Postcards like this is effective to families as some parents enjoy making cards with a bit of a personal touch with their children and send these cards to their relatives during the holidays

Then we have photographic postcards. As we have mentioned above, postcards can also have a bit of a personal touch. Photographic postcards contain real pictures where a photo can be associated in signifying different modes. This type of postcard has been known to many when photomontage was introduced so marketing postcards like photographic ones can also have the same marketing design with the greeting card. However, postcards such as this one can be a bit complicated because the target public or prospective client is not the same as the greeting card.

And last but not the least, we have promotional postcards which are popular to businessmen and marketers. It is almost the same as the brochure as it is used to promote and advertise new products and services of the company. One reason why marketing postcards like these will go easy with businessmen is due to personalization. With personalization, you can include company logos, company pictures, business trademarks and all sorts in your promotional postcards. Because of the postcards appearing more personal and making it look like the company is setting aside business matters, it seem to become customer-friendly and becomes effective in conveying the message.

Making and marketing postcards

We’ve had a rundown of the kinds of postcards so that we can be familiar with its prospective buyers. So in case you are assigned to the postcard printing side or you are tasked in marketing postcards, you will have a grasp of what it looks like.

So, what are the essential factors to ponder upon when it comes to making and postcards?

First, it is crucial to take notice of the type of postcards you are about to promote. Research, develop new ideas, and know your target market. In marketing postcards, you always have to think of something new to engage people to become interested in your material.

Another thing is the materials to be used. You have to make sure that your materials are of high quality like paper, printer and ink so that the result will be of high quality too. Investing in shabby materials is just a waste of money and this is not what marketing postcards is all about.

And lastly, choose a professional printer that you can rely to when it comes to producing creative looking outputs.

When all these important factors have been planned and executed well, then marketing postcards will just be easy breezy for you.

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