marketing messageMarketing message may be sent I various mediums. In internet marketing, there are more than 10 ways to go about. Writing eBooks is one of the more favorable ways.

e-Books Containing your Marketing Message

There are many techniques that can be used in viral marketing, but one of the proven strategies is publishing a marketing message that includes a link to your website on a page of an e-book. Unlike nagging people with emails bribing them to spread around the news of your business, it helps you get advertised by willing customers. This is possible because of the multiplication effect. It helps your business boom thanks to the distribution of the message you have published on the e-book.

This technique was originally used by Hotmail. When the free email system was just beginning, they placed a marketing message on every email that was sent through their system. The two founders of Hotmail made sure that the system would be recognized as the origin of the email. Through this, the website was advertised to anyone who received an email from any subscriber of Hotmail.

The same idea is used, except now the marketing message is placed on e-books. Putting your marketing message on e-books can be very beneficial on e-books because it allows you to reach a larger market brought by enthusiastic subscribers who have chosen to share the e-book they have received from you to their friends and family. Also using e-books is a good marketing strategy because it’s cheap and easy to set up.

If you want things easier for you, choose books that are rebrandable. These kinds of books are easy to find in the internet. Simply go to the search engine you find most efficient and do a web search. There are a number of e-books available in the internet, but it would be best if you choose books that interest you or that you think will be helpful to your business. Choose e-books that compliment your business or give detailed information about the twists and turn of your products or services. If you can’t find the right e-books, it’s possible to publish your own. Do this won’t be too hard either. You can do it by putting together articles you have written before or have used retrieved from public domain sources. For better results include materials that have Private Label Rights or have been written for a particular purpose. The limited access makes it more appealing to potential customers

You can then use these e-books that contain your marketing message as a freebie for people who subscribe to your website. If they are pleased with these, they will then share it, spreading around your marketing message. Thus, kick starting the promotion of your business with just that short marketing message on a page of an e-book.

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