marketing businessMarketing business is both fun and exciting. But, it can also be very frustrating. Moreover, marketing business can be expensive for those who do not know their goals. Those not aware as to how they can make their marketing business efforts cost-effective will also find it problematic.

Marketing Business Tips and Tricks

Here are seven cost effective marketing business strategies. They will help in marketing business, product, or service. These tips can surely increase your visibility. They can grow leads and sales. You need not worry about costs. Oftentimes, you need not worry about it at all.

  1. Use business cards. Business cards are the most underutilized marketing tools. To gain full benefit, use the front and back of your business card. Put some valuable information on the back such as special dates to remember, emergency numbers, or any important detail depending on your target market.

Always have business cards in your wallet, on your desk, in your car, or at home. Make sure to carry business cards with you wherever you go so that you can hand them out when opportunity comes.

Find ways to creatively distribute your card. It is not common for people to leave their business cards after eating at a restaurant. So, next time, when you eat out, leave one with the tip.

At the same time, when someone gives you their business card, enter their information in your database. And then, within 48 hours of meeting them, send a short note, email, or SMS to keep your name fresh in their mind.

  1. Send a photo. Not your picture of course but a photo of the customer when he or she purchased a product or availed a service from you. For instance, put a picture of the buyer who bought a car in a calendar. If the customer made a substantial purchase, have his or her picture taken with the shop owner. Then, frame the picture and give it or send it to the customer. Photos are not just a great way to remind the customers of their purchase. Chances are, these customers are going to display the photos that you gave them, which in turn, is a great promotion for your business.
  2. Join associations. Many associations exist and they cater to specific industry, business, or job type. With a quick web search, you can find plenty of associations in your locality. One of the great things about associations is the opportunity to network, to make presentations, and eventually, to get published. This happens when you make presentations and then you will get mentioned in the association newsletter, on their website, or on E-zine. Presentations are very welcome especially if the organization has a newsletter or E-zine. Take advantage of this when marketing business since it will give you a chance to get published.

Other opportunities can help gain visibility. They will save you marketing business costs. These include Internet listings, newsletters, links to website and discounted advertising rates. There are also opportunities for networking and business referral services. Then there are special recognition events and education seminars. Lastly, you have business and membership directories.

  1. Get involved in committees. If you have some experience or knowledge to what the committee is doing, it is important to get involved. This is a great opportunity to meet and network with people whom you may not have otherwise the chance to talk with.
  2. Employ contests. Because they are a great way to quickly build database, contests are a favorite among many businesses, especially restaurants and those with high foot traffic. How can you take advantage of this? If you want to generate very hot leads, advertise a contest in your place of business. You can get lots of names from those who join your contest. If you don’t have an actual business area or if you are not in high foot traffic location, advertise your contest in trade shows.
  3. Cross-promote. Contact other companies with the same products and services as yours. Partner up with them to offer your products in their business. In turn, you should also offer something in exchange. How can you save from this? You get free promotion which can otherwise be expensive if you decide to implement alone.
  4. Offer bonuses. This, you can also do with other businesses similar to yours or with the same market as yours. For instance, when a customer buys a minimum amount of product, they receive a bonus packet that offers the products of other vendors. This is a win/win situation for you and your other business partners since the other vendors gain visibility, you have something more to offer to your loyal customers, and the customers in turn get incredible returns for a certain amount of money.

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