press releasePress release – one of the most favorite tools for publicity. However, it is not the be all and end all of getting your brand or product known. It is just that, a tool, which you may or may not use. Should you choose to use press release to publicize about your business, make sure that you are pairing it w

It is sometimes called news releases. The latter, however, unlike the former, is not exclusively intended to distribute media. It is an official written statement sent by the maker to various media for the latter to publicize the same. It is a low-cost way to ensure that your business becomes a buzz.

Benefits of a press release

One of the main benefits of a press release is that it can easily generate publicity. When members of the media gets a hold of it and finds it newsworthy, they will write a story based on it. If it has information that can affect or be an interest to more people, it can even be picked up by major news networks including NBC, Fox, and CNN. Aside from this, a press release can even circulate the internet, and can surely reach a great number of people with just a few clicks and shares.

Other benefits include having a low cost publicity stunt, increasing the visibility of your company, boosting your credibility, and attracting new customers and investors.

It is because of these benefits why a lot of business owners prefer releasing a press release than to think of another way to publicize. The downside is that not can be given the spotlight.

Characteristics of a successful press release

  • Newsworthy

People are only interested with a news that affects them. Make sure your release contains why people need your business or your product, and how you can make their daily routines easier and effortless. To make a newsworthy press release, you can also cover these topics: sponsorship of a local event, receipt of an award, significant changes in staffing and management, movement to a new location, release of a new website, or release of financial results.

  • Relevant and timely

If your news is about something that could have helped people yesterday, there is a great chance that your press release will simply be trashed. When making a release, make sure that it is about a recent or upcoming event. Exploit the dates and seasons known worldwide such as summer, holidays, and Independence Day to ensure that you release is hooked to a recent or upcoming affair.

  • Concise and well-written

No one wants to read a press release that would just cause headache. You must think and write like an editor. Write your release using the third person and with an objective tone. Make use of strong headlines and keywords, and make sure that your first paragraph discusses an overview of everything head on. Your first paragraph should summarize the who, what, why, when, where, and how. Keep your press release between 300 to 800 words so that your audience or readers will not get bored yet learn as much about your business as necessary. When using quotes, attribute or acknowledge the people where the quote originally came from.

  • Persistence

Sending out a press release to a single editor and waiting for the approval will not work. It is a sign of laziness and the approach is entirely ineffective. To make sure that it is out and about, send it to as much editors as you can. Call or send editors an email as a heads-up about your pitch to initially get their attention. When one editor declines, try someone else. Keep in mind that not all editors are the same. Post your press release on social networking sites, tag people, and ask them to share it to their contacts.

How to enhance your press release

An ordinary one contains words, lots of words. Try to hype the game by sending an audio, video, or photographs alongside your texts. Pictures and videos easily catch attention and will add value to your releases.

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