Search engine friendly websites prove to be effective in driving traffic to your site. How else are people going to discover your search engine friendlywebsite? Referrals and Internet marketing can only do so much. Search engines are the bread and butter of your traffic. If you make your website friendly to search engines, you will rank high in search engines and generate more traffic.

How Search Engine Friendly Websites Work

There are several different search engines that use a variety of different means. However, the basic method is the following: crawlers and robots (special programs) go through websites and comb through the content. They will follow links to the pages on the website and record the content in their own databases. When people search for particular content relating to your website, the database will pull up the listing to you website.

How to Make my Search Engine Friendly Websites

To make your website friendly to search engines, you have to make your website easy to index. There are several ways to do this.

Avoid using frames. An important way to make your website easy to index is to avoid using frames on any pages of your site. This is because frames confuse search engine robots. They also make it difficult for visitors to easily bookmark a specific page on your website.

Present important information in the source code. Another way to make search engine friendly websites is to make sure that important information is not presented in only images or Flash movies. This is because crawlers and robots can only process text on your source code. They cannot index information and text from any other sources. Therefore, if you leave out important content in the source code, it will not get picked up by search engines.

Use meta tags. Meta tags are essential for making it easy for search engine robots to index your page. A meta tag will let the robot know right away what a particular page on your website is about. This will determine whether or not a robot should index it.  Essentially, a meta tag will make the job of combing through your site easier. So that a robot will crawl and index more frequently.

Use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).  CSS helps make your pages lighter and faster to load. Efficiency is important to website crawlers and robots.  Avoid using inefficient methods such as HTML tags.

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