article submissionsArticle submissions nowadays are being done every second of the day. However more ads popping up in submissions sites lately. And writers are left wondering where to submit their articles.

Of course, serious writers want their works to be noticed. Not because of advertisements but by their contents. You would want your articles to be read for their relevant and meaningful contents. The key, therefore, is to look for a good article directory for your article submissions.

Finding the Right Directory for your Article Submissions

  1. Find a directory with good design. This is an indication that the directory is serious in doing what it was established for. It must look professional. Its contents must be well-updated. So that  it will stay longer. It will become or is presently popularly known. Writers usually develop confidence in well-designed, legitimate looking article directories.
  1. Check if the directory has RSS feeds. RSS feeds are important. It drives traffic to your website. Small websites usually gets the RSS feeds of well-established websites. It is therefore important to make your article submissions at well-established websites. This is since the small articles using their RSS feeds will help your article get more attention.
  1. Make sure that the directory has good SEO standing. Do your homework by researching your directory candidates in top search engines. Go to Yahoo, Google, and MSN. Through this step, you will discover their rankings. Higher ranking means higher exposure. This means traffic volume for your article submissions.
  1. Look for directories that allow you to add article summary and keywords. There are two things that the search engines are looking for once web surfers click the “Search” button. The keyword or summary of article submissions. Hence, it is wise to make keyword and summary listing as an indispensable requirement when searching for a good article directory. This way, your article will easily be found by search engines. Especially when they are caching your article page on the directory.
  1. Transparency. A transparent article directory shows details about the site. It shows all relevant information and policies. It should reflect the site’s physical business address. It must include where you can contact them in case you have concerns as well. It must have well detailed policies. This is important in making writers like you feel secured that the directory that you are giving your article submissions is reliable and professional.

No matter how good your article is, it may not get noticed if it is listed in a directory swamped with advertisements. It will not also get noticed if it is listed in a directory that has a very low ranking in search engines. Keep in mind these steps. Then notice the increased traffic in your article submissions.

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