mailing listMailing list in business is vital. If you don’t have it, you are doomed to suffer the ever changing regulations of SEOs that could cost you your time and even potential customers.

If you don’t take time to prepare a mailing list, especially if you have an online business, your online business is bound to suffer. You need a list. You need a customer base. Without repeat customers and a list that keeps track of them, you cannot work your business up to a higher level of recognition. People can easily forget your business, because you do not consider your repeat customers of importance. Whether online, or offline, a mailing list for repeat customers is usually the best way to spread the word about your business. It can allow others tap into your business through simple word of mouth from the people on your list. Online, this list is even more important because the online markets are far more competitive. This is because there are plenty of online stores and each one of you can basically sell merchandise from anywhere in the world. So if you don’t have a mailing list, chances are, you will not thrive in the online market. You will considerably suffer compared to competitors who value their customers enough to make a list.

A list is one of the best methods of advertising. People who have constantly been on your site and have purchased things in your store are interested in what you have. So use this to your advantage. Make a mailing list of these people and remind them to take a visit to your site.

When you are interested in software, and you find out that a new exciting software came out, wouldn’t you want to know the latest information about it? This is exactly what your repeat customers feel when it comes to your products. If you try to add a link of your new product to your website to let people know about your mailing list, chances are, only few people would click the link. Due to the various links and topics on your website it might not be that noticeable.

Let’s say you want to promote the discounts that you have for your products. Suppose the discount stands only for a short period of time. If you would link this again and forget to check details like dates, or you forget to post it completely, you would probably receive angry emails. The emails are probably from angry customers and visitors who paid a lot more because they didn’t know about the ad.

Why a Mailing List is Important

Now let’s see what would happen if instead of linking the ad, you instead email them to your mailing list. Everyone in your list would get an email and be immediately notified of the offer. They don’t see anything but the offer alone because they are not distracted by any link or picture. They will be totally focused on what you have to say and they would end up acting fast in fear that they might not be able to take advantage of this special price.

How many people do you think were able to see this offer? All of them of course! And it is all because you chose to create a mailing list and send your advertisements to them first. By this little change, you have not only changed the viewing potential of the ad, but your potential profit as well.

How do you get your own mailing list?

A list is not something you get from some email address collector. People in your mailing list have to be people who are really interested in your business such as loyal customers. Hence, you would have to build the list yourself.

You can do this by communicating with people who frequently visit your website. Create a message, or have as sign up form for every space of the website is a way of communicating. Make sure that the space is very conspicuous for them to notice. Inform them that the purpose of the sign up form is to let them know the latest news about your products, services and promos. Soon enough, people will provide you with email addresses you can now use as your very own mailing list.

Some people lure people in by offering them a free incentive, but I think that your list should not just be composed of people who want to get freebies, but people who want to buy products. If you always try to lure people in with free items, chances are, they will leave the list as soon as they receive it.

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