virtual assistantVirtual assistant work is one popular job nowadays. Nowadays, you can simply hire someone to do a job for you, giving you the freedom to do other activities for a very low price. This VA could be from anywhere, maybe even from another continent. It does not only offer convenience, but also affordability. There are many times that I have worked with degree holders, and I only paid them for as low as $15 an hour.

Over the years, virtual assistants have grown. Most of them have considered it as an entrepreneurial job. They have changed the way we define VAs and they have set high standards for anyone seeking to be employed in this profession. For anyone who has does not have any idea on what a virtual assistant does, a VA is actually considered as a type of home owned business. They typically provide various services to everyone following a certain standard of professionalism that the job requires.

There are two simple standards to being a virtual assistant. First, is the fact that these assistants are virtual, which means that they can work anywhere they want, and at any time, depending on the kind of project. Second, a VA has a wider job description than those available in the office. Through this, virtual assistants become more able to maintain a purposeful and long term relationship with a business or client.

While it may be alluring to hire a VA in the future, it is not as easy as it sounds. To guide you in hiring the best person for the job, be sure to read this guide.

5 Things a Good Virtual Assistant must possess

  1. Qualification

Aside from the credentials your prospective virtual assistant must have. You must also make sure that they can also deliver. To give you an example, before I decide to hire people, I short-list a good number of candidates and give them tests. This way, I don’t only hire based on a person’s resume, but I also make sure that whoever I hire will be able to give me exactly what I need.

Make sure that the exams you give them are tasks you actually want done, that way, you do not waste any time, and money while doing so.

  1. References

Aside from a person’s curriculum vitae, can this virtual assistant give you a list of people he or she has worked with? If so, can these past employers provide you with enough information that will help you decide if this person is right for the job?

  1. Availability

A seasoned virtual assistant would usually work with a lot of people at the same time. So it is possible that your prospective VA may divide time to focus on a lot of other projects aside from your own. Should this happen, make sure you hire at least two virtual assistants for the job.

  1. Commitment

Professionalism and commitment to the job is essential to any project. You have to make sure that your VA would be able to reply promptly and answer in a very professional manner to your channels of communication, whether it is through email, text or voicemail. The right virtual assistant should not only be prompt, but must also be able to provide you with quality work without going past the deadline.

  1. Management

Time is very crucial for any person handling a business. Sometimes, VAs are given more than one task. If your VA cannot handle a number of projects or cannot work under pressure, it may be best to find a new one. Don’t wait for your business to lose a big client; really test your prospective virtual assistant, before hiring him or her.


A VA may take a different approach to work. VAs always seek to develop good employer-employee relationships, while striving to also make this profession a good home business. Before you decide to work with a virtual assistant, make sure that this person is also committed to nurturing and growing your business by assessing them well through these guidelines.

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