landing page tips
landing page tips

Landing page tips from various experts have been compiled in one brief article for all of you who are wishing for your site’s success.

Landing page is also called “lead capture page” or the “name squeeze page’. It can be used to build a mailing list. It is also the place where you funnel your subscribers and prospects. With a landing page, your work becomes easier. This is because you will be driving traffic on one website using one effective method.

Useful and Effective Landing Page Tips

Below are a few landing page tips to build a page that will convert visitors into mailing list subscribers. And this means a huge percentage, too!

Success Tip 1: One of the most important landing page tips I can impart is for the look of your landing page. Ensure that the landing page is written professionally. When writing content for your landing page, bear in mind that it is a commercial page. Sound like a sales letter. While you don’t have to do a hard sell on your page, you can entice your visitors. Your end goal is for them to give their details. And also to sell your products.

Success Tip 2: In exchange for every visitor’s subscription, you can have a giveaway or a freebie. This will help you get their email addresses. I trust this method very much in terms of building a mailing list. You can offer, for example, a sample paid product. I exchange, you’d only need their details i.e. name and email address.

Success Tip 3: Don’t put links on your landing page aside from disclaimers, terms, and your opt-in form.

Success Tip 4: Tell your visitors about the benefits of getting the freebie instead of focusing on the subscribing to your newsletter. Encourage your visitors to get your product for free. Later on, gently remind them that the whole thing is free but that they’d have to be in your mailing list in exchange.

Among the more important landing page tips is to include a handwritten signature. You may also put up a photo of yourself. Also, give them a short description of who you are, where you’re coming from, and how your free report will help them.


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