application letter sampleApplication letter sample is known to help you in writing your application letter that will land you your dream job. But, do these letter samples really help you?

I do understand that writing an application letter is crucial to any job seeker who wants to get noticed by employers and get that coveted call for an interview. Hence, it is critical for any jobseekers to have that winning application letter sample.

With the vast information you want to include in your application letter and with the lack of proper organization skills, creating a winning letter is really difficult. Hence, you end up going online and searching for application letter sample, trying to copy the first letter sample you think bespeaks of what you want to say.

However, let’s be realistic shall we? As the words states, letter samples are letters that have been used by many jobseekers like you. Its content and format may have been read by tons of employers and hiring managers. The probability that your hiring manager upon seeing your application letter may brush it off as he has seen it many times is high. Remember, your employers are keen in seeing which application letter is original and which is just a ripped off from an application letter sample found in the internet.

Hence, you must be careful in using letter sample as you would not want to be called a copycat, would you?

Things to be wary about in using an application letter sample

Though using letter samples is the go to option for most jobseekers. You must remember that using such has its own disadvantages as well.

For one, since you have found it online, the chances that some other jobseekers also used it is very high. The problem in using application letter sample is that you will look like someone who has no originality and probably not fit to be hired. What most jobseekers who used letter samples do not realize is that employers are keen in reading the application letters. They try assessing if that person will contribute to the company’s operation. They are skilled in reading numerous application letters and will know if such letters are copied from application letter samples online. Hence, instead of getting that coveted phone call, your application might be just be one of those that will be put in the paper shredder.

Another thing that a letter sample will be disadvantageous for you is that it cannot and will not bring justice to your qualities as an employee. Most employers will look for specific skills and qualities that will highlight the things you can contribute to the company. Since most of the qualities indicated in the application letter sample are generic ones. It will only highlight you as someone whose skills are similar to other applicants with nothing special to offer which is very disadvantageous to you.

Lastly, most samples do not effectively indicate your utmost need for an opportunity for an interview. Though most letter samples do ask for an opportunity for an interview, it often pass off as not sincere. Hence, another disadvantage. Remember, sincerity is what these employers are looking for in your application letter.

These are just some of the crucial disadvantages of using application letter sample. Instead of using the internet to search for a letter sample you could use it to research on ways to write effective application letter.

Remember, application letters should be original and they should represent you.  And the only person that can represent you is you. Why would you let generic application letter sample as your own?

Samples are just what it is. A mere sample. It should only act as guide and not be passes as your own application letter. Hence, you should think twice when you use these letter samples.

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