keeping a journalKeeping a journal can seem like an unnecessary task, but it’s actually a really smart way to help you finish your book. Aside from being great practice, a journal can help you stay on track of your writing goals. In fact, keeping a journal can even help you relax after a bout of stressful work. A journal may sometimes feel like a very demanding task to keep up, but it is so effective that you would no longer wonder about the need to keep one.

A great tip to remember when keeping a journal is to remember that it is a tool rather than a chore. It can help you recall and take note of all your different characters and plots. All of the different elements to your book can find an organized and comprehensive home in your journal. Keeping a journal can also give you a daily to do list to keep your writing on track. You can create a few parts that you have to fill in per day to make sure that you are still working hard on your book.

Keeping a journal to maintain your writing goals

A journal with an organized number of tasks to complete per day is very productive. It can remind you to do a certain number of things every day and help you get closer towards finishing your book. Here are a few things that you might want to include when keeping a journal.

  • A journal can help you focus on a certain thing per day. You can stave off the writer’s block by focusing on a certain portion of your book per day. You might want to complete a certain chapter or even a poetic monologue. You might want to complete the personalities and background stories of your characters or research on a certain topic you would like to include in your book.
  • Finishing a certain word count. Keeping a journal can make you finish a certain number of words per day. If you’re delayed on the number of words you’ve been writing so far, you can create a goal that you have to finish by the end of the day. If you’re only rewriting some parts of your book, you can also decrease the number of words you are writing.
  • Quick review and planning is made easy by keeping a journal. Your journal can make it a lot easier to check your progress. You can find out how many words you can generally complete per day as well as gradually increase the number of words if you are rushing to meet a deadline.

Give yourself some time off

Keeping a journal is also a great way to blow off some steam. You can write some random creative pieces that can help relax your mind and make it receptive to fresher ideas. A journal also allows you to make some doodles and scribble around. These can either make you feel more relaxed or even help you visualize characters and scenes.

Always be realistic with your plans

As a rule of thumb, you should make sure that all of the plans you include when keeping a journal are realistic. This helps you become a problem solver that can pass through many writing issues. A journal also helps make your writing more dynamic because you are not straining yourself to write.

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