job interview tipsJob interview tips research is a must for one preparing for an important job interview. The way you answer the interview questions can make or break the employment process. At the same time, apart from answering the questions well, the way you carry yourself also matters. This is why interview tips are in demand.

Whenever you attend a job interview, the interviewer does not just weigh your answers to the questions, but also looks at the manner you answer them, and your personality fit with the company. It’s a matter of all aspects of you as a person, and not just one. So the best job interview tips take all these into consideration, not just the interview questions.

Do not chew gum or sip on mint candies during the interview. Speak professionally instead of using slang. These are just a few of the trivial yet important to know interview tips. Here are some more you should keep in mind.

Important job interview tips

Job interview tips #1. Positivity is key.

One of the best tips out there is to keep a positive attitude because everything else will follow. If during the course of the interview, you do not agree with what the interviewer is saying, or you do not like what he is saying, refrain from showing this on your facial expressions and just remain smiling. There will be a time during the end of the interview when you can politely ask the questions on your head.

Job interview tips #2. Make proper eye contact.

When you are talking to someone, would you want his eyes roaming around or not looking at you? Wouldn’t that feel disrespectful or annoying? These tips would often tell you to refrain from looking around the room or the desk, or at the interviewer’s clothes or accessories, but rather just keep your eyes focused on him. Consider the interview lost if your interviewer feels you have disrespected him simply by not maintaining proper eye contact.

Job interview tips #3. Be confident.

This is related to tip #1. You should not show up in an interview feeling like you will not get it. If you are pessimistic in the beginning, it will show on your facial expression or in your mannerisms. This is not what you want to show your interviewer. You should be confident in yourself and everything else will follow.

Be careful not to take this item of the job interview tips too much. Be confident, but at the same time, not too overconfident. There is a big difference between being confident and being arrogant. Yes you do want to show your good qualities and skills to the interviewer, but do not sound too boastful or proud. Have the right balance of expressing your accomplishments while still being humble.

The key to this is to not elaborate too much on the accomplishments you are talking about, but still be confident in delivering it. And another factor of number one and three of the interview tips is actually body language.

Sit straight. Practice good posture, and keep your head up.

Job interview tips #4. Watch your body language.

The role of positivity and confidence in interview tips cannot be overemphasized. At the same time, the role of body language is very big in this. It’s about keeping a straight posture as you sit there talking to the interviewer, as well as keeping your chin up. To help you better in watching your body language, here are more specific watch-outs for this tip.

Job interview tips specific on body language

  1. Avoid crossing your arms. You will just come off as aloof if you do so.
  2. Answer directly with words, in complete sentences, instead of just nodding or shaking your head.
  3. Do not fidget on your seat. It means you are shy or not confident.
  4. Refrain from biting lips and saying “uhm”. It will seem like you are not sure of what you are saying.
  5. Refrain from moving your hands and arms too much while speaking, because it may distract the interviewer from what you are really saying.
  6. When asked a question you are not sure of the answer of, refrain from shrugging off your shoulders. Relax, take deep breath, and take a moment to think of a wise answer.
  7. Remember to prepare well the night before. That means you should get a good sleep. You do not want to be yawning during the interview and be interpreted as not interested in the job.

Best of luck and don’t forget to keep these job interview tips in mind before that next important career opportunity.

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