internet advertising trendsInternet advertising trends are much like peeping Toms. Yes, these trends are as annoying, as creepy and as intrusive as their human counterparts. Much like actual peeping Toms, these infuriating trends trample on and waste so much of your time and effort spent in the internet. They are also such passive participants (if you can even call them participants) that I simply cannot give them an ounce of respect. Lastly, these internet advertising trends are just as disturbing and pushy as they can be.

But let me get on with what they are in particular that really gets my blood boiling.

Pop-ups as internet advertising trends

I would not be as cynical or anti- social (or whatever you want to call it) as to say that advertising is useless. I believe that it serves a purpose and that it definitely deserves a place in our everyday life. If it weren’t for advertisements, we wouldn’t know which brands to buy, which place to go to, and more. Especially for business- owners, advertisements are essential.

Now that we’ve established its importance, it doesn’t mean I agree with all the mediums and forms advertising takes. Such is the case with pop- up windows advertising this and that. This, in my very annoyed opinion, is the worst kind of all internet advertising trends. And it doesn’t even stop there. You open a webpage, BAM! There’s another trend in front of you in the form of a banner. Those emails soliciting memberships are also in the same boat! They always seem to have one goal in mind: to annoy you into submission.

Internet advertising trends and accountability

Think about it, when you encounter these types of disruptive internet advertising trends, what is the most that you can do? Click it close, right? But then, several minutes later, it pops up again. You want to complain to someone but what avenue is there to voice your protests? How can you tell these companies that you don’t agree with their chosen advertising technique? There is a lack of accountability with these emerging internet advertising trends and it’s just irresponsible.

Traditional products and their advertising techniques are actually better since you can just ignore them. However, these trends make it impossible for you to complain, evade or at least ignore them. Email advertising is one of the prime examples of unavoidable internet advertising trends simply because they’re economical for the business owner.

These faceless intruders of trends are worse than actual peeping Toms. At least with peeping Toms, you can hold them accountable and they can face the consequences. In the end, I would have to say that I would actually choose a peeping Tom over any of these internet advertising trends any day.

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