new gadgetsNew gadgets ideas may be hard to come by, but when you thought of a ground-breaking one, then you’re surely in it for riches, and who doesn’t want to be crowned as a genius or an inventor? Here are some possible ideas for new gadgets, not really sure if some of these have already been invented but just not yet out in the open, or perhaps still in the works in some other genius’ mind. You can also check online perhaps if some are already patented, or does not yet exist.

Six invention ideas for new gadgets

New gadgets idea #1: Magnets for windows advertising

Advertising is a need more than just a luxury for almost all businesses. Nowadays, they tend to use vehicles to place huge flexible magnetic signs, with the company name and logo in it. The caveat here is that most of these advertising only adhere to metallic surfaces. In order to advertise on car or building windows, there must be a steel mesh or another magnet set on the other side of the glass in order for the magnet to work. Not sure if this new idea can be patented, but you can think of a unique brand or label to it and apply for its trademark.

New gadgets idea #2: See through walls

This idea is one for the interior design department. Place cameras strategically on a wall and then project the output on the other side of the wall. The effect we’re after is one that seem like you’re actually looking through the wall onto the other room, thus the illusion of an invisible wall. If you’ve already successfully tried the invisible wall, why not try an invisible ceiling too at night.

New gadgets idea #3: Alarm of barking dogs

Many alarm systems are already available out there, but of course there is always room for new ideas. The usual alarm systems are those motion sensor types. These alarm systems though can easily be ignored by hurrying criminals, or they can just turn off the alarm. What you need is an alarm that can startle them, and that’s where the idea of a barking dog alarm comes in. Instead of the usual alarm sound, large barking dogs will fill the air when motion is detected.

New gadgets idea #4: cellphone antenna on a balloon

Almost everyone carries a cellphone with him to anywhere he goes. One of the biggest frustrations of every cellphone owner is the fluctuating cellphone signal. This idea is meant to fix that. A wire antenna can be placed on a helium balloon. This can be lifted to the air to up to a hundred feet to accurately pick up signal.

New gadgets idea #5: kitchen towel placer

Usually the kitchen towel is placed on the refrigerator handle. But it often gets in the way. It would be nice if it can be placed anywhere on the refrigerator right? That’s where the kitchen towel placer, a magnetic handle, can come in.

New gadgets idea #6: one push door knob

Believe it or not, there are some people who have difficulties in turning a door knob. To solve this, an idea is to create a one push door knob that doesn’t need turning anymore. It will be especially helpful for those who are older and the disabled. As with the other new gadgets ideas, make sure you check if there isn’t an invention as such out there yet.

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