Instant messaging – what is it?

Oftentimes, professionals aren’t always satisfied working in a company. They are eager to find greener pastures, something far beyond the four walls that they could say their own. Good thing the Internet is there to lend a hand. It has been offering opportunities of great fortune to those who chose to establish their business online. One of these is an option to start up an entrepreneurial venture through Instant Messaging.

instant messagingHow to Use Instant Messaging to your Advantage

Instant Messaging acts as a written communication used to connect to our families, friends or even acquaintances. Surprisingly, it is now available for marketing and business purposes. To have a deeper understanding of Instant Messaging, here are nine principles you must faithfully follow:

  1. User policy is a must before launching your instant messaging venture. Your employees need to be briefed and oriented on the principles and terms they might actually be using as they communicate to clients. Guidelines are vital for ensuring that no or less mistakes would be committed. Remember that your employees always bring with them the corporate image so they must do things flawlessly.
  2. Instant messaging must not tolerate dissemination of confidential information. Professional consultations, corporate solutions, and the most private details should be kept secured. Passing them through IM is a risk you wouldn’t want to take, unless you want to be in deep trouble.
  3. Everyone in the team must create contact groups that would separate personal relations from professional bonds.
  4. Personal messaging should not be done during work hours. Breaks are there to be used for leisure so don’t even think of wasting precious moments when you’re supposed to be doing your responsibility.
  5. Don’t let your guards down. Be aware that everything in the thread can be saved, copied and disseminated on an entire group.
  6. Refrain from badmouthing people or any other group in instant messaging. Although IM cases are not covered by the law, your reputation as a respectable firm can still be put to risk.
  7. Viruses are everywhere. Any file transferred through IM can carry threats to your security. Therefore, make sure that you invest in a quality firewall protection.
  8. Keep everything simple and lenient. Know the right words to be used and the appropriate approach. Pleasantries can be good but direct conversation is deemed to be better.
  9. You, as a professional, are responsible to keep your IM name consistent and update your status every now and then. You don’t want your prospects out in the blue just because you seem not available for consultations.

Instant messaging, if treated with extra care and consistency, can be an outstanding tool in building professionalism around business transactions.

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