independent publishersIndependent publishers are a great option for when you’ve written your own book and you want to have it published. True enough, there are numerous ways to get your work published; notably three ways, to be exact.

  1. Propose to the big book industry giants – This is a tricky one. You can try to propose and get accepted by giants in the book publishing industry like Penguin or Random House but this is a tough road as they only work with authors who have been proven or credited by their huge platforms and keen admirers. While this is a long shot, getting accepted can get you a huge endorsement and indisputable credibility.
  2. Self-publish your book – the good thing about this option is that you’ll only be seeking approval from yourself. No due process needed, you can publish your book as you please. There is great advantage especially with the advancements in technology as you can publish your work and order as little as one book at a time. Credibility will be your downfall, though, as people are likely to overlook your book for that of a major publisher.

These two ways are definitely both of the extremes and are at opposite ends from each other; while both beneficial and disadvantageous in different ways. Although there is, on the other hand, a third option that puts the exact balance that you need to have your book published.

The best way to have your book published

  1. Have independent publishers publish your book – There are thousands of indie publishers that you should definitely consider for your book to be published for you. These publishers range from small mom and pop operations to well-established significant publishers. They’re a great option as they tend to specialize in one genre and often become leaders in areas that they’ve mastered. Having your book published by independent publishers is a reliable stepping stone especially for new authors because they help you break into the market.

Tips for when having independent publishers publish your book

  1. Find the publishers that best fit your particular area. When you visit their website, they will bring you through certain details on how they wish to be solicited and following their guidance is greatly advised. When you find out exactly what they’re looking for, form your proposal in such a way that it fits their specific requirements.
  2. A Literary Agent is not needed. While it is a good idea when soliciting independent publishers, it is not exactly necessary. Most want you to send your additional options to their Acquisitions Editor but I recommend that you check their website before doing so.
  3. Don’t instantly expect a book advance. You’re not likely to get one when you’re dealing with independent publishers. The upside to this, though, is that you’ll have more access to people who review your proposal but that’s just half of the whole battle. Don’t pester them as they probably get hundreds of proposals monthly. Polite phone calls never hurt, though.

Becoming an author is something you only do once. Publishing your first book is your first step to claiming the title of being called an author. It’s definitely bound to not just change your life but your career. Save effort by finding independent publishers that specializes in your subject and target instead of going for the big industry giants that bring your chances of publication to a significantly low level of less than 1%.

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