independent authorsIndependent authors constitute an estimated 3 million of the writers from all over the world. Some of the well-known self-published authors include Stephen King, Edgar Allan Poe, and Mark Twain. There are also famous writers who began as independent authors like John Grisham, Jack Canfield, Beatrix Potter and Tom Clancy. Today, first-time authors are the usually ones who venture into self-publishing. New comers find it difficult to be accepted by a traditional publishing firm since their sales cannot be predicted.

How to Publish Independently

Self-publishing comprise of the meager 1 percent of the total book sales in all markets. That is, $200 million dollars, total book sales excluding academic and textbooks being estimated at around $20 billion. To capture this 1 percent and instead of pushing themselves into a publisher’s line up, independent authors engage in self-publishing. They pay the full cost of the production of the book, form an online market, and take charge of its marketing and distribution. The task of indie authors does not end in the writing of the book. The good thing, though, is that the finished copies, copyright, all subsidiary rights, and every dollar received from book sales exclusively redound to independent authors.

Admirable Traits of Independent Authors

The concept of independent publishing is open to any writer not bound by a contract with a traditional publishing company. Further, it is definitely not for the faint-hearted. These authors do not earn their fame from mere printing or distributing their work online. Instead, independent authors regularly face problems not everyone can survive.

One of the biggest problems indie authors face is that they cannot compete with big publishing companies in the market. Thus, they have to be resourceful. They usually create small communities to contribute resources and distribute work. Independent authors also exploit the power of the Internet to sell their books and establish their own online destination for selling them.

Because of indie authors’ use of the Internet, they are able to identify and tap new markets – those that have not yet been reached by big publishing companies. Usually, they test the waters for these niches through a short-run publishing. Independent authors will first publish a few copies. If these copies are highly-appreciated, they will print more.

Another problem faced by these authors is the cost prohibitive nature of self-publishing. However, aside from their resourcefulness, independent authors are also very supportive. They create online groups for each other’s assistance and there is mutual encouragement everywhere. They share information as to the process of self-publishing and offer the names of suppliers they trust without expecting anything in return. Bottom line is that they are genuinely pleased for each other’s success.

Today, the big publishers are still smiling because the market of independent authors is still disjointed and in patches. Despite of this, self-publishing is still the way to go for most writers. If you are interested in independent publishing, join a group. Together, we will create our own marketplace.

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