increased traffic and salesIncreased traffic and sales is every marketer’s dream. And article marketing is one of the most common ways used by internet marketers to achieve this. But care must be taken since there are correct and incorrect ways of using articles to attract visitors to your website. Let us ponder on the right ways of doing this, with the goal of increased traffic and sales in mind.

Using Article Writing Powers for Increased Traffic and Sales

The article, of course begins with the title, and this is always the case whether it is you or a ghost writer who writes the article. Excellent ghost writers ensure that they completely comprehend what the client desires before writing an article. The title must precisely manifest the article’s content, as well as include the required keyword. The title bearing the keyword alone adds to possible increased traffic and sales.

Since Search Engine Optimization is as crucial in an article as the content of your website, articles must be grounded on a keyword. Similar to your webpages, your articles can be enlisted in search engines even though they are on article directories. A directory is simply a website that only contains articles. The keyword must be that one of your own site pages that supply info on the title of the article. If you’re planning to do this, then it is making the best use of article marketing, and would definitely help in increased traffic and sales.

Another tip to drive more traffic and sales is that your article’s actual content must be precise to the keyword and crafted to just entice, instead of giving out everything they have to know about the topic. If you already cover all the information needed, why then must the reader still bother to go to your site? Check that your spelling is correct and your grammar is acceptable. It may not be perfect, but avoid basic mistakes such as subject-verb agreement: “the three mice was blind.” This is a big turn-off to your readers, so avoid it if you want increased traffic and sales.

After finishing the article, you should also craft your biography or ‘author’s resource box. This option is present in many article directories, wherein you can give some information about yourself including the URL of your site, thus a potential for increased traffic and sales. This part should be carefully worded to contain more info, like “John knows more tips on how to drive traffic to your site on his webpage: —-.” Do not forget to supply the URL of the webpage so that your readers would know precisely what they are looking for, and not your website address unless it is related to the topic. Doing so may result to increased traffic and sales.

The easiest way for more traffic and sales through article marketing is making readers click to your site. Some of them might be akin to citing your article on their own website. This is allowable only if they keep it as is, and include your resource box. If that is the case, this can lead to increased traffic and sales from the visitors of these sites that cite you.

Article marketing does not end there. You must pass it to numerous article directories as possible. This can be done in three ways – manually, through a submission software, or thru a directory submission service. It is up to you which option to use since each has its own pros and cons. But each will supposedly help in increased traffic and sales.

Google and other search engines particularly appreciate one-way links from other sites back to your site. In this way, you not only get a one-way link from each directory you pass to, but also from the other websites that cite your articles. This is an effective method of building links and enhancing your search engine listing. A lot of listings give you the most beneficial traffic of them all – free fundamental traffic from search engines. And that further leads to increased traffic and sales.

Risks should also be avoided, like purchasing article packages, which you should not use for directory submissions. You can only publish them as content on your own site, and even this may pose an issue because of content duplication. The same with private label rights articles, from which many subscribers receive from small site subscription sites. Unless you alter them completely, the directories will not allow them, and worse you can be banned from directories for uploading them without rewriting them radically. You may have increased traffic and sales, but not the legal or acceptable way.

For the long-term, you should be writing on your own as well, especially when you are sure they are not original. Article marketing can lead to more traffic and sales for your website if you make use of it properly. Follow the basic steps, then sit back, relax and expect the flooding of visitors to your site, ultimately driving increased traffic and sales.

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