increase readershipIncrease readership by increasing website traffic. This means there are more potential customers that will result to possible sales. Web masters visit different article directories to read about expert opinion and to look for good content to publish on their website. These web masters look for business strategies and other tips. In order to increase your readership, they need to have good content.

Writing articles that are optimizing for search engines and with proper keyword placement is just one half of what needs to be done to increase readership. With the growing number of available articles on the internet, how do you set yourself apart? How do you make sure that your articles will be selected by web masters in order to increase your readership? Following are three easy steps.

Three Tips to Increase Readership

1.      Create Attention-grabbing Titles

When visitors go through article directories, they will be faced with numerous articles. They will scroll and stop on the title that draws their attention. So the first step to increase readership is to write attention-grabbing tiles. The key to opening an opportunity is the title. That is your main goal. That is money thrown away if you fail to do so. Your article will just be one of the discarded articles with no chance to increase readership. A powerful and striking title doesn’t come that easy. You should put a lot of time and thought in constructing your title. However, you should make sure that your title is not misleading. You might increase your readership for now but your credibility as a writer will suffer.

2.      Write a Compelling Introduction

Your title will make the visitor click but your introduction will make them continue reading. Most writers do not see the importance of the first paragraph as a great way to increase readership. The title will be your key to open the door, but your introduction will make your feet through that door. In order to increase your readership, you should put a lot of emphasis on your introductory passage. The perception of web masters is, if your article is educational and written with quality, more people will read it. This holds true for industry experts when their names are displayed as the author. So how will a newbie compete with that? An impressive first paragraph will do that for you. To increase readership, you must help your visitor visualize your whole article just by reading your introduction. Again, it is important that you do not mislead your reader. You should give the true picture of what they can expect in your article.

3.      Make an Impressive Resource Box

To increase readership, you should maximize your resource box. When a reader is captivated by the quality of your article, they will look for more. The tendency is to go to your resource box to know more about you. Your resource box should contain your name, profession, expertise to attract them, and the URL of your website, if you have. Chances are, they will search for more of your written articles and the products that you are selling. An impressive resource box is a sure way to increase readership. The main goal of writing good articles to increase your readership is to make them visit your website. This will result to promotion of business and sales.

These three tips will make your written articles to stand out. Aside from proper keyword placement and search engine optimization, these three tips will complete your ticket to a lot of published articles. When you get the attention of your visitor and you made him or her read your article, the rest will follow.

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