google page rankGoogle page rank is every website owner’s biggest challenge. Google is among (if not) the top search engines today. It is used by billions every day and it spiders through unthinkable number of websites per click on the search button.

The sheer number of websites being launched every day and those that clamor to obtain higher search engine ranking is the main reason why you have to compete to increase your Google page rank.

Advancing in the page ranking could be beneficial to you since it would mean a higher probability of increased website views. More website views mean additional traffic. Additional traffic in your website will mean that you will be moving up the Google page rank. This will greatly help you promote your website and your business.

One effective way of increasing your page rank is through back links. However, to maximize the potential of back links as effective marketing tools, you must be able to use it properly and to place it strategically.

Google page rank and effective and strategic back links placements

Take note of the importance of the following:

  1. Forums related to your website. Join forums related to your website in order to expose your website to your target audience. In several forums, you are allowed to leave comments and suggestions where you can include back links to your website. You will achieve higher Google page rank this way as compare to placing your back links to forums that are not related to your website.

While it is true that you can still get credit if your back links are placed on forums that are not related to your website, it would be wiser to do so. This is because you will be building traffic in your website while at the same time establishing website presence to your target audience and the Google page rank.

  1. Search engine directories.  Search engine directories allow you to post back links to your website for free. Entry of keywords related to your website would lead web surfers to these search engine directories. Since these directories publish a smaller number of back links as compared to those listed by search engines, it creates a higher probability that your website will be visited. This will increase traffic in your website and ultimately increase your Google page rank.
  1. E-zine ads or newsletters. These mediums are also good ways to increase your web presence. By creating e-zines and magazines, you are ensured that a certain number of people will visit your website regularly. This will surely increase your Google page rank since there is increased traffic in your website.
  1. Good, informative article. This is another way of increasing your web presence. By coming up with well-written articles, your target audience will more likely be inclined to regularly visit your website. You can include a signature which can directly link the web surfer directly to your website. This will increase website traffic and Google page rank presence at the same time.
  1. Get links from other sites. This is more applicable in increasing the page ranking than website ranking. It would be best to get links from websites that can be found in page four of Google search engine and those found in Yahoo directories which play a great role in Google’s algorithm.
  1. Place links of your pages in your own website. While it is a good step to add links of other websites in your website to get higher Google page rank, this could actually backfire. The best way to maintain web presence while increasing traffic is through placing links in one of your pages directing the web surfer to one of your other pages. This way, you get to achieve higher web presence and an increase in your page ranking through the increasing traffic.
  1. Find link partners. Of all the strategic places that you can put your link back, these may be the hardest yet most effective of all. Find a website which is related to your own. Email them and request that your back link be posted on their website. This increases your Google page rank albeit it is difficult. Such requests are often ignored by webmasters. Sometimes, they automatically delete emails coming from unknown addresses. Another reason why your request remains unheeded is the fact that they are seldom online and thus, never notices your request due to the bulk of email that they see once the webmaster decides to check.

By placing your back links strategically, you will garner increase in your Google page rank.

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