importance of websitesImportance of websites are often over disregarded by many home based entrepreneurs. Whether to have a website or not to have one has been an ongoing question among online business owners. Some say that their importance is negligible and that not having one is not really a problem, especially if the online business affiliate offers you its own web page that you can promote.

This may be true for those who market only one business online. However, if you look at the entrepreneurs who are successfully marketing on the Internet, you will realize the importance of websites. These successful online business owners do not market only one type of service or product. They usually partner with other ventures, sell eBooks, or create affiliations with other businesses. This is where the importance of websites comes in.  But before we tackle the importance, let us discuss first your marketing options if you do not have your own website.

Promoting a web page that is not your own

Let’s say you are promoting a web page owned by a single business affiliate program. Here are some marketing options that you can and cannot do. Read on to know the importance of websites.

What you will not be able to do:

  1. Exchange links. Because you do not own the site, you are not allowed to make changes on it. Therefore, you cannot add links to the site and miss out on the opportunity of exchanging links.
  2. Promote in forums. There are many great forums online that allows you to add a product or website that you own to your signature. However, most forums do not allow promoting something that is a duplicate or not owned by you.
  3. Add links to online directories. Majority of online directories do not accept web links with an extension, which means you will not be able to advertise your duplicate site.

What you will be able to do:

  1. Write articles. You can put links to articles in affiliate pages in your author resource box.
  2. Promote in traffic exchange sites. These sites accept affiliates and would allow you to promote your duplicate site.
  3. Online or offline paid advertising.

The options listed above are some ways to market your business. Notice that out of the six choices, you will only do two of them for free. This means that you will not be able to do a full marketing campaign. The importance of websites should be apparent to you at this point. If you do not realize their importance for your business, then you will be limited with your marketing options and miss out on growing your business and increasing your profits.

Another issue with duplicate sites is that you would only have one source of income. You would need to handle separate duplicate sites for every affiliate program if you want to do more than one business. Expanding your business would make you realize the importance of websites.

Importance of websites

The importance lies in the flexibility it could offer you and your online business. Having your own website has many advantages, but here are a few reasons why you should fully understand the importance of a website.

Importance of websites #1: You can have all your business opportunities in one place. This would allow you to easily monitor and manage your online business. It would also be easy for potential clients or prospective affiliates to find you.


Importance of websites #2: You can freely change your content to enhance customer’s experience. Customizing your website would also allow you to make your online business stand out. You may modify your web content in such a way that it would be search engine optimized.


Importance of websites #3: You can automate your link exchange activity. This would create more traffic and more potential customers for your business.


Importance of websites #4: You can always have new content on your website. As your business grows, you can add contents as you see fit. You can also automate your content management.


Importance of websites #5: By having your own website, you would be able to promote it in forums and online directories. This would allow you to tap a much bigger market.


Importance of websites #6: You can have a newsletter where interested parties could subscribe.


Now that you understand it, why don’t you start making your own website now? In no time, you would see the difference it makes to your online business.

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