write a sales letterWrite a sales letter if you want to sell your stuff online. When you write, you are announcing to the world that your product exists.

Why write a sales letter

Your sales letter is basically a single-page website. In the website, you present your product, describe its features and persuade people to buy it. When you write a sales letter, you convince people that your product is worth buying. While it takes time to write one, the rewards can be great. At a minimal cost, you can transform your website’s visitors into actual customers.

Ways on how to write a sales letter effectively

To write a sales letter that produces results, you can browse books dealing on the topic. However, if you are a neophyte, you may find the terms confusing than enlightening. It will be better to study how to write letters one book at a time. Try implementing the principles of a single book first before embarking on another strategy. But then, all these are time-consuming. Thus, it is still best for you to study the basic principles on how to write a sales letter first. This article gives you the things you need to know foremost if you want to write more easily.

Steps on how to write a sales letter for beginners

  • Get a copy of sales letters produced by companies in a similar line of business as you are. Do not ever attempt to copy them. Doing so will compromise your reputation and can put you on a legal risk Just get inspiration from them. Look into their good and bad points.
  • To write a sales letter that commands attention, you need a thought-provoking headline. It should be something that awakens the interest of the readers. Choose font colors such as red, black or blue for your headline. Make the font size of the headline bigger than the text in the body.
  • To write a sales letter that doesn’t bore the readers, tell a story. Speak about the common problems people encounter in your niche. Thereafter, speak about how your product can make the problems go away. Tell people that you have the solution right in your hands.
  • Make a bulleted list of your product’s good points. Tell people briefly about how they can benefit from purchasing it.
  • A sales letter with a good headline needs a good finish. To write a sales letter effectively, end your text by a call to action. Convince your target audience that they need to buy your product NOW. For instance, you can say that by buying now, they are actually availing of 20% discount. You can also state that the promotion lasts for a specific period. You can also offer bonuses, gift vouchers, or a money back guarantee.

When you write a sales letter, never exaggerate or overstate your claims. Do not be frustrated if you can’t make a sales letter as perfectly as you would like it to be. You can always write a letter at first then revise until you improve it. At the end of the day, your passion to do things for your business will propel you to success.

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