pitch your bookPitch your book. Not every writer knows how it is to sell what they have written. Will you be one of them or will your work stand out? It all boils down on whether or not you are prepared to pitch.

Imagine that you are in an elevator ride with your newly published book at hand. Someone walks in and saw the title of the book you are holding. The lady asks you what it is about. What will your response be

Preparing a pitch is important for both published and self-published books. You never know when you can land a big sale. You can meet buyers in an elevator or an airplane, and before you know it, you have a thousand orders before you step off the ride. Preparing to pitch your book whenever, wherever is a skill you must practice right away.

Information necessary to pitch your book

When you pitch, you cannot just say “I wrote it, and it’s about a damsel in distress”. If you sell your book this way, it will never get sold. Pitch it in such a way that you tickle other people’s imagination and curiosity.

A pitch is also called an elevator pitch because most sales happen within that timeframe, just a few seconds. Hence, you must be able to pitch your book in 30 seconds to a minute. How will you be able to do that? Limit your words and sentences and just state these bits of information in an interesting manner:

  • Genre of your book,
  • Main angle of the story,
  • What makes your book unique and ground-breaking, and
  • Your qualifications as an author.

If you have already made sales before, and had book reviewed, especially self-published authors, include those when you pitch your book.

Ways to pitch your book

There are different ways on how you can pitch. Here are some you may want to practice on.

  • Hollywood style

This style works well in pitching fiction books. You simply have to describe your novel with the help of some well-known books or movies. For example, your book is about love between zombies. Your pitch can begin with “It has the tales of The Walking Dead with romance of Pretty Woman”. Then, simply explain why when you pitch your book.

  • Save the Cat style

This style came from screenwriter Blake Snyder. Start your pitch with a sentence or two by describing your book with something:

  • – ironic,
  • – idea that paints a captivating mental picture,
  • – a backgrounder on its genre and target audience, and
  • – a moving title.

You can employ these style or simply write your own to pitch your book. All you need is a thesaurus and a whole lot of creativity. Focus on the heart of the story, and the rationale behind why you wrote the book in such a way.

Once you have developed a pitch, it is time to practice. Yes, you need to practice how you will pitch your book. Especially introvert authors, you need to let go of yourself. When you pitch, you have to let words flow from your heart to your mouth.

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