effective flyerEffective flyer is a promotional tool that any business should not take for granted. It is still deemed to be reliable even to this day. If you have new stuff to sell, one of the strategies you can employ for people to know about it is through an effective flyer.

Most companies tend to reduce marketing costs by refusing to seek professional help. Sometimes, they ask friends to do the work of designing and printing flyers for them at a reduced cost. The result? They end up distributing poorly-written, unattractive flyers that end up as street garbage.  You can avoid this scenario from happening by knowing how to make an effective flyer.

The Purpose of Flyers

To make one, you should first keep in mind what a flyer’s purpose is. Basically, a flyer is meant to get word out that you have products or services to offer. Then it makes the news spread like wildfire. The purposes of an effective flyer, however, may be summarized into two.

First, it provides ample space for information about what you offer. Second, it transforms a passer-by into a potential client by making them stop to glance at your material. Once you catch people’s attention, they could be hooked up reading your flyer and be interested in knowing more about your merchandise. In no time, they can be your real clients.

Key Elements of an Effective Flyer

Professionals know that to come up with a praiseworthy flyer, there are many factors to be considered. They know that an effective flyer necessitates a well-thought of design, a practical market strategy and economic costing.  They know that the major elements are:

  1. Novelty and Creativity. You must come up with one that simply stands out from the rest. To be attention-grabbing, it must be either something new to their eyes or something amusing enough to spike their interest. Be sure, though, to make your graphics as clear as possible so that your creative way of presenting your flyer will not be put to waste.
  2. Allowance for White space. Do not fall for the common folly of others who crowd their flyers with too much information. A congested flyer may turn your reader off or make your readers unable to process its contents. Meanwhile, white space can make your readers see the points you want to highlight.
  3. Uniformity and Simplicity. There is a logic behind people expecting to see particular things in similar places. They do so since the more conditioned their mind is to seeing similar things or places, the easier it is to commit them to memory. The same is true with advertisements. An effective flyer to be remembered easily, needs to be consistently using the same color, logo, and layout. Also, keep your text short and simple while your graphics lively. Keep in mind that a too colorful flyer with a lengthy content can appear as nothing short of an eye sore that people rarely take notice.

Once you are able to incorporate these elements to your flyer, you will find out that even amidst a sea of flyers, yours will surely be picked up. When it happens, that’s the time you can proudly say that your flyer is an effective flyer.

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