credit cardsCredit cards serve as an extension of one’s liquidity and financial status. It has gone from being a luxury to now being a necessity. In 2005, MasterCard International targeted 40 percent growth, with the numbers being 5 million credit cards at that time.

According to research, a person has an average of around 4 in his wallet – one for gasoline, one for the supermarket, one for a big department store chain, one for jewelry, and other cards in spare for those moments the others are not just enough. But if credit cards are for credit, how can you actually earn from them? If you are a website owner, that is. Any kind of website would do. You just have to sign up to be an affiliate of the different companies of cards, with no cost at all.

Being an affiliate for credit cards to earn

Currently, here are some examples of the services online you can get into:

  • Make a feature of different credit cards available by putting up website links of the companies on your site. Credit card companies can even aid in setting up your site free of charge. Visa, MasterCard and American Express offer different types of credit cards.
  • You can earn via commissions when someone fills up an application form coming from the link you have setup. You can earn ranging from as little as $20 to as much $80.
  • Companies of these cards can actually give you affiliates with everything you need such as reviews, APRs, ratings, fees, and many others. And of course all these are given to affiliates for free.
  • Some companies of credit cards even give actual access to their database with gives out important updates like interest rates and terms and conditions.

Kinds of credit cards

Currently there are a lot of kinds out there, but we can generally classify them into two:

  • First is those credit cards that are of good credit history.  This leads to relatively low interest rates and transaction rates.
  • Second are those that do not have a good credit history.

If ever you will be an affiliate, it is recommended to feature both types of credit cards.

Sample of offers to attract visitors to credit cards

If you want to earn more, you have to attract more people into getting cards. To do this, you should offer different kinds of discounts and promos such as the following:

  • Get instant approval
  • Get free 5,000 air miles when you sign up for this card
  • Get 5% cash rebate
  • Get 0% intro APR for 1 full year
  • Get to rent movies for free
  • Get the lowest interest rates
  • Get purchase and transfers at 0%
  • Bad credit standing accepted
  • No annual fee charges
  • Earn points for every purchase

Faster cards available

Nowadays there are new cards that have a faster and easier new feature. Now, users can just hold their credit cards in front of the POS reader. This, instead of having to swipe them. This results to instant payment and instant confirmation. Now paying has been so much easier.

Be sure to feature a wide range of cards and their advantages, so that you can lure in more people to sign up and earn commission via credit cards.

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