Drive traffic to your site and earn more profits in the making. This is the ideal situation that any internet marketer thinks of. But when they encounter problems, such as not having traffic at all, they realize it’s not a walk in the park. While there are companies that promote certain website tactics for free, it’s often not easy to understand.

By now, you are probably tired of using your credit card to buy Google clicks. You have probably maxed out after hiring several SEO experts to get you on the first page of Google. You feel bad and you feel even worse because you’re all broke. Is there anything you can do to still be an effective internet marketer? Is there any tactic that lets you drive traffic for free? Fortunately, there are!

Free SEO Strategies to Drive Trafficdrive traffic

Brace yourselves for these strategies that will cost you nothing. Tried and tested, they give you the results you desire without asking for anything from your pocket. Make sure you study them before you use them for your internet marketing strategies though!


The importance of metadata especially when you want to drive traffic to your site. Metadata includes meta description, meta tags and meta title. The Meta tags are probably the most essential because they are the keywords that your visitors use to locate you. Meta description, meanwhile, helps in describing your website. Those who are knowledgeable in HTML can use their skills to make more effective metadata.

Keywords and Content  

A rich content goes a long way. However, to be able to get attention from online users, your content must also have the right keywords. A keyword-rich content – this is what you will need to drive traffic. Plenty of keyword tools provide assistance in coming up with keywords or key phrases you can use for your content. Make sure to write articles that are both easy to read and informative. This kind of stuff are the ones readers are looking for. They will definitely keep your visitors coming back to your site.


Last but not the least is link building. This tactic is totally free. However, it requires you to be a little friendlier. This is because you have to communicate with other website owners so they can link to your website. Make sure though that you are linking to a site that is somehow related to your niche. Also, make sure to only ask a number of sites. If you overkill this tactic, you might annoy search engines. This may not be a good thing if you want to drive traffic.

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