publicity campaignPublicity campaign may be what your business needs in order to gain tracking. Fame is not easy to get, but with a campaign, you may be well on your way to it. Fame is not something that can just be stumbled upon or achieved overnight. Being present always and overexposed doesn’t easily translate to fame as well. What you need is a well-planned and thought of publicity campaign. A successful campaign needs courage first, and then planning comes after. But true success comes in after persistence. If you think fame is not enough of a motivator to create a campaign, then perhaps the fortune that comes with it will do.

Why the need for a publicity campaign

A great publicity campaign should bring forth your business to fame, and therefore brings your business closer to your target market, at a shorter time span compared to other kinds of advertising campaign strategies. It also elevates your expertise and therefore earning more assurance from your audience. If you are now convinced why you need a publicity campaign, then next to discuss are the steps leading to one.

5 Steps to a successful publicity campaign

1) Start with a press release.

The first step is through launching a press release that should lead to more awareness for your business. Press releases are nothing new, you might say. With the advent of technology, we can see press releases side by side on the World Wide Web, which is why its effectiveness is often being questioned. It’s usually the press release blasts that create more confusion that noise. Why not make a very dynamic and interesting one-pager press release and send it towards publishing companies that best fit your business. Careful not to bombard them with too much details. The press release should be all praise when it comes to your business. After sending it to the right key people, call them on the phone to follow up. Create a positive relationship with the media. It will be helpful to your publicity campaign.

2) Start your press kit.

Since you were done with your press release, next is to level it up with a press kit. Compared to a press release, a press kit is supposed to be more detailed, organized neatly into a folder. Here are the basic information your press kit should contain:

  • A well-written Introduction letter
  • 1-2 press releases
  • Company fact sheet containing important details about your business
  • Biography sheet or bio sheet, containing your biography and your accomplishments
  • Published articles, if any
  • Company literature
  • And of course your company business card

Press kits are sent to editors, producers or publishers who wish to know more about you and or your business.

3) Look out for newsletters offline.

A publicity campaign should not just revolve online. There is still a whole lot of happening outside the World Wide Web. That is why you also need to find local newsletters or smaller publications related to your business. Though smaller in scale, this will help in your exposure as well and even supplement the press kit you have prepared. Search for local newsletters in your field through the reference section of your local universities. You can also request for a directory of newsletters for trade. Once you have been published in smaller scale publications, it will be easier to get published in bigger publications next. That’s how fame works. You just have to start small.

4) Give out speeches.

A publicity campaign is not complete without speeches. Gain more exposure by volunteering to be a speaker. Topics would easily be your expertise. You can start coordinating with local educational programs and socio-civic organizations. And then you can follow it up with local radio stations. Once you have done this, opportunities should follow next.

5) Go for a publicity pitch.

Finally a publicity campaign is not complete without a publicity pitch. A publicity pitch involves creating a list of article ideas. Yes you read that right, you don’t actually have to write the whole article, just the ideas. And then you have to send these ideas to the editors of those publications which are closely related to your field. Publicity pitches help editors in a way that they don’t need to read the full article, so this saves them time. And editors love ideas because they also want to publish interesting articles as well. All you have to make sure now is that you send your ideas to the right kind of editors. Or else your ideas will just go to waste.

These easy five steps make for a publicity campaign, it’s all up to you to follow it closely to reach that fame that your business needs.

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