professional imageProfessional image plays a huge part in running and maintaining a home based-business. Many of us have encountered professional business owners and remember those experiences to be positive. Most of us buy and patronize business owners who have a good professional image. On the other hand, a business owner who has an unprofessional business image turns us off. It is a big deciding factor on whether we will support a certain home-based business.

The image is crucial to the success of a home-based business.  Although it may be a small thing and is often neglected, your professional image represents your company. If you represent your company well by showing good behavior, manners and a strong yet positive -character, you are one step closer to success. Even an owner of a small home-based company needs to project professional image.

Customers will choose you and stay loyal to you when you satisfy them with your products and services and when you maintain a good image. However, you will drive away potential customers if you have a negative image even if you have good products and services.

Building and maintaining a professional image is more challenging for home-based business owners. If you run your own home-based company, you probably do everything on your own. You are in charge of production, marketing, sales, bookkeeping and micromanaging. This makes business owners put the management of their professional image at the bottom of their priorities. However, the image you project to clients, suppliers and other business owners is important and will be definitive to the success of your company.

Here are Simple Tips on How to Build a Professional Image


  1. The documents that you disseminate to other people are part of your professional image. Make sure that your business cards, websites, e-mails, flyers and brochures look professional. Create a brand image and logo for clear and consistent branding. If you have a budget, hire the services of a graphic designer. He/She can help you design a good logo and can also help you layout all your professional documents.
  2. Double check all your documents. Use a spellcheck software or you can edit your own work. If you are busy, you can hire a virtual assistant to help you with editing. It is important to make sure that your important documents are written properly.
  3. Always look pleasant and mind manners. Dress well to look professional. You have to appear confident yet approachable. Respond to customers in a positive way. Say thank you and please. Be polite in answering phone calls. This is important because if this is your first interaction with your client and it does not go well, you will risk losing your customer. You can have a good professional image by smiling and being polite to your customers.
  4. State your business name when answering phone calls. Part of your image is the way you put forth the name of your business in phone calls. Instruct the person taking your calls to do the same.
  5. Familiarize yourself with your business. Part of maintaining your professional image is knowing everything about your business. People will ask you questions. You must know everything about your products, services and policies. You will not project an image if you stumble when asked or worse, when you do not know the answers at all.

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