conflicts in the workplaceConflicts in the workplace cannot be avoided. As the saying goes, you cannot please everyone. Even though you may just be doing your job happily, you cannot avoid office gossip, envy, bullying, taunting, politics – all leading to conflicts. If you are experiencing conflicts in the workplace, you are not alone. The best thing to do is to study your position and learn from the experiences of others in dealing with conflicts.

Sample stories of conflicts in the workplace

Let me tell you the story of Henry, who is around 25 years old, has been working as a software developer, and being good at it. At the same time, there’s Jane, fresh out of college, newly employed as a secretary in training for a small-scale company.

Both Henry and Jane dreamt of the same career goals – to achieve a higher salary, and leave a mark in their work. But both Henry and Jane unfortunately were victims of conflicts in the workplace, blocking their aspirations. They actually did nothing wrong, it just so happens they became the unlikely victims of backstabbing, jealousy to the point of being harassed and not being able to perform their work properly. Let us study carefully each of their demise in facing conflicts in the workplace.

Sources of conflicts in the workplace: envy

Jane had some unfortunate timing coming in to the company. They were in the middle of a lot of modifications in the organizational chart and leadership positions. Jane even actually recommended ideas on promoting better work efficiency to the authority, but because she was a young girl, she only faced sexism and was not taken seriously. Although her diligence was admired by their big boss, this has actually led to more conflicts in the workplace. She actually met a lot of accolades from those higher in rank due to her perseverance in work, and this made it harder for her critics to destroy her credibility. Envy is one of the roots of conflicts.

Sources of conflicts in the workplace: bullying

If jealousy and bad gossip were the sources of Jane’s conflicts in the work place, Henry on the other hand faced tormenting by bullies. Let us study why Henry was a victim of such conflicts in the workplace. He was actually a good software developer, and he knew it. He was confident that he was better than much more people employed there, even though he was the youngest. And this is what led his colleagues to call him nasty names. They saw his young age as his weakness and dwelt on that. In the beginning he just ignored them because he thought they might just be jealous, but as the bullying became more frequent, it has already affected his work. What’s worse, the teasing and sneering was already causing Henry to get panic attacks.

The stories of Henry and Jane are just a few of those experiencing conflicts in the workplace. No one is safe from these kinds of incidents. The key to solving it if it is already getting in the way of work is to call the attention of the authorities in the workplace. This is especially true since employment is a means of livelihood of many and conflicts in the workplace will eventually affect earning a living for their families and loved ones. And conflicts also do affect one’s personal career goals and dreams.

Tips in avoiding conflicts in the workplace

To avoid them, getting along with everyone just won’t do. Being nice could actually help break the ice and coldness. But be sure to still set boundaries for yourself. You have your set principles in life, and so do others. Respect their boundaries. If you give them respect, you will earn their respect as well. Make sure you follow the office rules, even the simple ones like dress code. Here are other simple ways of avoiding conflicts in the workplace:

1)     Earn the trust of your co-workers by being someone they can depend.

2)     Do not be too sensitive. Do not vouch for harassment every time you feel like you are being harassed. Make sure you are in the right position to do so, and you have the right evidence.

3)     If you cannot handle the pressure anymore, talk to someone for help. If involving the management is needed, do not hesitate to do so.

Conflicts in the workplace cannot be fully avoided, and if you feel you have already done your best and they are still bothering you, then perhaps the next best option is to look for another workplace. These conflicts should never hinder you from enjoying life and pursuing your career goals.

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