college applicationCollege application is a process that you must undergo before you can be admitted to your university of choice. It can both be tedious and exciting. For most people, it is the first step towards the fulfillment of their dreams.

Tips on how to breeze through your college application

Here are some things you need to remember to facilitate your college application:

  1. Be early. The adage that the early bird catches the worm applies in applying for colleges. The earlier you turn in your application, the higher your chances of getting admitted to the university and the course you like. Remember that programs are easily filled up. It’s better to be early than be sorry.
  2. Before you make your college application, be sure to go over the requirements for freshmen enrollees. Prepare a checklist. You have to ensure that you possess these requirements so as not to waste your application fee.
  3. Assess whether you really need to make many college applications. Remember that most universities demand a fee. Although it is usually no more than $50.00, it can be pretty costly. That is, if multiplied by the number of applications you want to make. It is non-refundable regardless of the fact that you are not eventually admitted.
  4. Get your mailing address right. After you have submitted your college application, it will take a few weeks until you get a letter of advice notifying you of your acceptance or denial. You wouldn’t want to miss your letter of acceptance just because you put in the wrong mailing address! This mistake can cost you your future. But then again, you may call for a follow-up albeit not too eagerly.
  5. To speed up your college application, resort to online applications if allowed. It is quick and hassle-free as you can pay via your credit card. If you do not have one, you need to mail your application together with a check or money order.  Never ever send cash through the mail. Stick to check or money order.

Acceptance vs Enrollment

After you receive a letter of acceptance from a college or university you’ve applied to, it’s time to consider enrolment. Some people view acceptance and enrolment as the same although they are entirely different. Once accepted, it does not mean that you are already enrolled. Acceptance is just the first step for you to be allowed to proceed to enrollment. Upon enrollment, you will be given a class schedule and a room assignment. After this, you need to decide whether it will be best for you to be housed in-campus or off-campus. Choose whichever is more convenient for you.

Knowing all these, you may now ace your college application.

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