advertise by writingAdvertise by writing is considered as one of the most effective technique in promoting of products in the World Wide Web. The number of site that does advertising by writing is evident of the power of this technique. Hence, it is only fitting to start the series of articles on marketing and advertising by discussing this technique.

In the series, I will provide you with various tools and strategies you can utilize to reach your potential clients and thus boost your business. First stop is to advertise by writing.  As agreed upon by most business gurus, no matter how good your products are, if you do not find ways to have it accessible or at least known to people, it will never prosper. Hence, one of the important skills you need to develop is the ability to reach and encourage people to buy your products.  Fortunately, you can use the power of media for this purpose. You just need to know how to take advantage of it.

To start this series, I will be discussing the things you need to know if you want to advertise by writing.

Advertise by writing 101

1. You need to take advantage of the article banks.

As the name suggest, article banks are repository of your written works. They are where online publishers get the articles that they will post on their newsletters, websites, etc. At the end of your every article is an author’s resource box where you could include short introduction about yourself and pertinent contact information.

So how can this benefit you? Since online marketers and publishers need to increase their traffic in their website, they need to publish informative and interesting content to attract online visitors. These marketers and publishers advertise by writing. They rely on contents in the article banks for this purpose.

This tripartite cooperation in this scenario is considered a win-win situation for everyone. As the websites gained their needed content, you can build up your contact list and potential clients when readers from those website or other publishers contact you. Likewise, the article bank also benefit from increased its client base.

2. Create as many articles as possible.

Submission of your article to various article banks is just one-third of the work you need to do when you decide to advertise by writing. The bigger effort you need to do is to write numerous articles.

Let me expound on this. For example, you submitted your articles in 10 article banks and each site has 500 publishers that mean a total of 5,000 web pages where your article can be read. If those sites have an average of 1000 visitors per month that would equate to 5,000 potential clients that monthly read the products or services you offer.

Hence, if you write  few articles and submit to just one article bank, it will decrease your chance for more exposure and publicity.  To successfully advertise by writing, you must remember this formula: more articles equates to more exposure.

3. Patience is a must.

Like in any new endeavor, to successfully advertise through writing, you need patience. This does not only in terms of finding interesting topics and writing them but also in waiting for the fruits of your labor.  Realistically speaking, not all publishers will publish your work and not all visitors will be able to read your articles. However, one good thing in putting your articles online is that they stay there forever. Hence, it can still catch the attention of publishers who can eventually publish them on their site.

Since the publication of your articles is exponential in nature, you can expect your articles to be published and republished in various sites when you advertise by writing. This makes it an effective viral marketing tool. I once submitted three of my works at and I was stunned to know that my works have been read and downloaded by 100 people in just a span of three days. Amazing right?

4. You could always hire someone to write for you.

If you have many ideas but do not have the skills on writing, you can always hire ghost writers. They will compose your articles for you. You may post your writer requirements and your projects at . Freelance writers will submit their fees per project which you could choose depending on your capacity. Rates per article will depend on the number of required pages. A one page article cost around $10 to $20 depending on your negotiation skills.

5. Search for article banks with many publishers.

While it is extremely important to submit your works to different article banks when you advertise by writing, it is equally important to search for article banks that will give you a higher chance to be published. It is recommended that you submit your articles to 15 to 20 articles banks. Of course this should include free popular sites like,, You could also submit your article to that boasts of more than 12,000 publishers affiliated sites, with certain fee of course.

Advertise by writing indeed is a great marketing tool as this not only increase your exposure from visitors from the websites where your articles are published. But it also increases your position in the search engine rankings.

To learn the other effective marketing tools, just read the other articles on this series. As for this, I hope you will consider and see for yourself the advantage of this technique and may you be encouraged to advertise by writing.

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