hoarding articlesHoarding articles could be your habit as an affiliate manager. You possibly wonder at some point about why your affiliates always ask for your articles. Questions like “What is it to me if I give them my articles?” and “What will I lose when I’m hoarding articles?” could be lurking in your mind as your affiliates keep on irritating you about them.

As an affiliate manager, you have to understand that your affiliates need these to promote their products. One of the things they want to prevent is working with affiliate managers who are hoarding articles. They always consider hoarding as a factor that prevents sales.

Insights of Affiliates about Hoarding Articles

Affiliates consider hoarding of articles as the number one hindrance to promote a product and make sales. Here are some of their insights about hoarding of articles in affiliate marketing.

  1. Hoarding articles is a habit of innocent affiliate managers.

For affiliates, hoarding articles shows that the affiliate manager does not fully understand what affiliate marketing is. They don’t know what it requires to make a product become visible all over the web.

  1. Hoarding articles is equivalent to little to no sales.

Affiliates always emphasize the importance of sharing of articles between them and the affiliate managers. Instead of hoarding articles, affiliate managers should provide quality or brandable reading materials. They will strengthen the promotion of the product.

  1. Providing nothing else but a link is frustrating.

The goals of promoting a link, generating leads, and converting them to sales will be hard to achieve if affiliate managers are hoarding. Providing only the link to be promoted will not motivate affiliates to promote and sell the product.

  1. Competitors are not hoarding articles.

An affiliate manager who does not know the impact of hoarding articles is often unaware of his competitors’ moves. Experienced affiliate managers always know the importance of providing the tools needed by the affiliates, and these experienced ones are often employed by the competitors.

These are just some of the insights of affiliates about hoarding. Once an affiliate manager realized the importance of not hoarding articles, affiliates also want them to know several things about their affiliate articles.

What Affiliates Want to Tell You about Your Affiliate Articles

  1. Affiliate articles are important tools.

After innocent affiliate managers realize that hoarding articles is a no-no, they should also know that what they share with their affiliates are important tools for the promotion. Thus, these should contain substantial information about the product and are of high quality.

  1. Don’t create leaky articles.

Leaky articles contain additional self-promoting links. They should be concentrated on the program agreed. Other programs should not be included in the affiliate articles. Affiliates interpret leaky articles as a form of stealing commissions and free leads. Be fair and square.

Affiliate managers must always remember that hoarding articles is not a practical strategy in affiliate marketing. It further affects the creation of sales. All these must also be according to the agreed program to gain affiliates’ loyalty.

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