hiring resolutionsHiring resolutions should be established as soon as possible. Why wait until the New Year to make changes? Actively working on your hiring practices no matter what time of the year it is will give you priceless opportunities to get a leg up on your competition.

Hiring resolutions you have to make right now

  • Hiring resolutions part one: Hire slow and fire fast

One of the most effective these resolutions you can make right now is to stop “procrasti-hiring.” Similarly, don’t let the dead weight in your team drag the whole department down for too long.

When you do procrasti-hiring, you wait until the last minute to add a new member to your team. Because of this, the hiring process ends up being rushed. You can fix the problem by being proactive when you know that you’ll need a new employee. Simply put, when you make it a part of your hiring resolutions to invest ample time in the hiring process, you’ll minimize headaches due to mistakes.

In the same note, one of you next resolutions should be being willing to terminate employees that underperform consistently. Granted, this is one of the hardest things to execute in this list of resolutions. But you’ll reap the benefits when team performance and efficiency improves.

  • Hiring resolutions part two: Present jobs objectively

Another one of the hiring resolutions you shouldn’t skip is to stop selling your jobs. When you become overly-earnest about a candidate, you tend to overly-highlight the good aspects of the job at the expense of objectivity. Because you’re so determined to have them take the position, you’re prone to giving them inaccurate expectations about what their work will be like.

This will obviously lead to more job misfits than you’d like. To prevent this, creating realistic performance benchmarks should also be a part of your hiring resolutions. These should be discussed with every employee you’re considering to hire.

  • Hiring resolutions part three: Look beyond first impressions

How many times have you hired someone who seemed perfect for the job, and it turns out he or she is a poor performer? This is likely to happen when you let first impressions get the best of you. You should avoid relying on your emotions as it makes you susceptible to rushed judgments. Not only are you wasting time when you hire the wrong person. You’re also missing out on great talent that you may have overlooked because of superficial impressions. While personality is one of the most important factors you should consider when hiring someone, intelligence, technical abilities, passion, and work ethics are more important.

So next time you’re screening applicants for a vacancy, make it a point to be as objective as possible. Don’t let the first few minutes of the interview define the applicant. Stick to the planned flow of questions in order to size up potential employees as fairly as possible. Being objective is obviously one of the pillars of the hiring resolutions listed in this article.

  • Hiring resolutions part four: Establish a better relationship with your staffing partner

According to a study done by the American Staffing Association, a big chunk of companies who work with staffing firms consider them as more of a vendor than a partner. If this sounds a lot like your company, then you’re missing out on the benefits of a strategic staffing partnership.

To resolve this, include in your hiring resolutions the decision to create a better connection with your staffing firm. You can do this by inviting their people to events and functions of your company. Aim to make them understand the dynamics of your business and the different challenges that you face day by day. This will give them a better idea about what kinds of people are best for your company. Not only are you going to get more qualified and suitable candidates in the future, increasing your workforce will also be more convenient. This is because one of your resolutions has paved the way for your staffing firm to become more knowledgeable about the growing needs of your company.

Don’t forget to follow through on your hiring resolutions

As it is with all plans, it’s important to pursue your resolutions to reap all the benefits. Aim to stick to your plan and incorporate it to your company’s culture. Pretty soon, these hiring resolutions will evolve into a mainstay in your company’s definitive set of business practices.

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