article submission tipsArticle submission tips are highly regarded. They are in demand nowadays by online web content writers and webmasters. Online web content writing has been a very lucrative and income generating business. Submission tips can help you to do more and earn more. And reading about them wouldn’t hurt. Here are some highly recommended article submission tips from all over the web that you should consider.

Must-Try Article Submission Tips

  • Article Submission Service

First tip is to try to subscribe to an article submission service. Of course, almost all web content authors would like to disseminate their articles to as many sites. They reach as many people as much as possible. They devote their time and effort in writing relevant and well-crafted content.

But the publishing and distribution is another issue. If you subscribe to an article submission service, the articles you wrote will be conveniently submitted to various article directories. This saves you from all the hassles of manually submitting the articles yourself. Article submission services may be computer-automated or manually inputted. Of the article submission tips, this one you have to pay for the subscription. But if it will save you time and energy, then I say the investment will be worth it. Take note though that this just entails article submission. It does not include article writing service. The articles of course have to come from you.

  • Article Submission Software

Compared this to the first of the article submission tips where you subscribe to the services of a company. The second tip I suggest is to purchase an article submission software. An article submission software is a computer application that will help you distribute your articles. This includes thousands of article directories at the same time. Therefore, less hassle of manually submitting them yourself.

An article submission software saves time. It locates many article directories on its own. And so you are ensured of great traffic generated to your blog or website. Compare this to the first of the article submission tips. In this one, you may be paying only a one time big time amount for the software. This, instead of paying a subscription fee for the company.

  • Manual Submission

There is of course still the option of manual submission. Compared to the two article submission tips listed above, manual submission of articles will help you save costs instead of investing in software or subscribing to a service. Manual submission will also prevent you from being banned in article directories due to multiple article spamming. Therefore of the three article submission tips, manual article submission has the least cost, is the most safe, and has the least risk.


Each of these tips has their own pros and cons, but whatever method you choose, the end result is the same, and that is to help spread your articles and help you become more recognized in your field of expertise. In the end, your end goal is actually to drive more traffic to your website and earn more profit.

Apart from these article submission tips, if you would like to increase the link popularity of your website, then placing just more than two links is not enough. Take note too that relevance and keywords are critical in submitting your articles. You would want good quality keywords and good quality articles to show up in the search engines.

Hopefully these basic article submission tips will help you reach more people. So you can drive more traffic to your site. And earn more profit than you targeted.

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