selling yourselfSelling yourself is one of the more important skills you have to develop in this world due to the cut-throat competition in the workforce. If you would look at the topmost successful companies, corporations, businesses and conglomerates in the world, they were actually founded or led by someone who sold himself or herself well. He or she would probably tell you that the key to success is selling yourself.

Selling a product versus selling yourself

One can argue that selling a product is easy. It’s very much straight to the point. The potential customer can even touch, feel, and investigate the product himself. He can even compare and contrast it with other products before deciding to buy it. Selling a service is almost like selling a product as well. The salesperson just needs to present what the service is all about, and why the potential customer should get it.

Selling a product or service is different than selling yourself though, it is more challenging. In selling one’s self, it is harder to compare and contrast because arguably each person is unique. Selling by experience does not always work either. How then should you go about in selling yourself to be more successful? Read on these simple strategies.

However, it is a little more involved. No two people are identical in every aspect, so no one really knows what to expect from them. You cannot sell by appearance. At the same time, you cannot sell yourself by experience either. Oh, that will get you a bite, but it will not hook the fish. One might stretch the truth a bit about their experience, and the buyer will know that. So how does one sell him/herself successfully? There are several different methods when utilized simultaneously will produce very positive results.

7 Tips in selling yourself

Selling yourself Tip#1. First impressions last.

A good relationship is established with a good first impression. Whether you will be meeting with your potential client live in person or via the phone or the web, make sure that the first few minutes of your meeting will be flawless. If it will be done live, make sure you do proper eye contact. Do not forget to be polite and act professionally. Be impressive.

Selling yourself Tip#2. The customer is always right.

Make your potential client feel important. As the saying goes, the customer is always right. But for sure you will have thousands of customers. Who will be the priority? The one you are talking to right now. Make each customer feel like he is the priority every time you are dealing with him.

Selling yourself Tip#3. Always give your complete attention and effort.

A hundred percent is not enough, you must give a hundred and ten percent. Your potential client may be paying you a hundred percent, but the ten service extra mile you go for in serving him must be free of charge. For instance, if you are offering to design a total of ten websites for a client, offer one for free, out of the goodness of your heart.

Selling yourself Tip#4. Show that you care.

It would help if you show that you have a heart that you care for your client, and not just of his money. You must care enough to want your client’s business to grow apart from your business from growing. If your client feels how much you care, word may spread and that may also mean more business for you.

Selling yourself Tip#5. Always be available.

A good client relationship means you are there whenever they need you the most. This means at least eight hours a day you should dedicate to them, and if possible even during nighttime for emergencies. Your clientele will feel much more assured if they know they can count on you whenever they need you. Do not keep them waiting or else this might strain your relationship, and might end up turning to someone else.

Selling yourself Tip#6. Use your personal network.

You might be amazed to get more friends and friends of friends as your client rather than getting it through business associates. That means, you can use your personal relationships and turn them into business relationships as well. Be sympathetic to your clients. Listen to their needs, wants, favorites, and current happenings in their life, and follow up or show your concern then the opening arises. For instance, your client once mentioned that he missed your meeting because he had to bring his son to the doctor. The next time you are able to talk, ask how his son is doing. This hopefully will be the beginning of a good relationship.

Selling yourself Tip#7. Don’t forget to take down notes.

Creating good relationships with your clients means going on a personal level and remembering special dates. When a client or an associate has an upcoming birthday or anniversary, don’t forget to send out a personal note and a gift. If their children is having a game or a recital, send your well wishes. You don’t need to show up to the event personally, but sending a good luck card will do. Take down not just the special dates but also their hobbies, passions, and favorites – drinks, food, shows, music. These information might come in handy to you in the future.

Follow these simple strategies and you’ll be on your way to success. That starts with selling yourself successfully.

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