guaranteed conversion rateGuaranteed conversion rate can be achieved by your business with proper a proper advertising strategy. In the past century, most big businesses rely on television advertisements in order to reach out to their customers. Since most people are watching television, this seemed to be the best medium to market their products and services.

However, in recent years, television has failed to give its guaranteed conversion rate like before. With the advent of easy access internet, people now prefer to entertain themselves on the internet than watch television. Hardly anyone today have no access to internet in their home. You might already notice a lot of advertisements clogging up websites. Here are some of the reasons why this trend happened.

Guaranteed conversion rate through internet killed the television

One of the reasons why the internet is taking over is that it is the best place to entertain yourself. There are a lot services and websites that would allow you to choose how you want to spend your time. You, most likely, would simply go to a website to watch your favorite show than sit in your couch watching TV.

Another reason why the guaranteed conversion rate shifted to the internet is that most people hate commercials. Do you really want to watch your favorite show and always be interrupted by a couple of 2 minute advertisements? If your business relies on TV commercials then most people hate your advertisements.

The advent of digital video recorders (DVR) didn’t help at all. People had the option to record their favorite shows while they were away. And when it’s time for them to watch it, they simply skip the commercials. This decreases or completely removes the guaranteed conversion rate that was once enjoyed by businesses.

If your business has television commercials, maybe you already realized that is not a wise investment. There are a lot of marketing services on the internet that professionals offer businesses. If you want to utilize the internet to have a guaranteed rate of conversion, maybe you should consider PPP.

PPP is now one of the best means to advertise your business’ products and services on the internet. PPP makes 5 second audio advertisements. This method provides a guaranteed conversion rate by targeting your specific market and those that share their interest and demographic. This expands your reach to those that might be interested in your business.

However, PPP is not a new program. It has been around for a few years already and businesses already saw its potential. If you would just be using PPP, better make sure to do your research first. Look for the marketer that would give you the most out of your money. This way, your guaranteed conversion rate is assured.

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