small landscape plantsSmall landscape plants are easy to plant and grow. If you have a small piece of land on your backyard or even an extra space in your apartment, you can start the business of growing these plants. Growing landscape plants can be an exciting venture for anyone who wants to earn money. A small nursery can fit a lot of small landscape plants. You can start alone or pitch this idea to anyone whose land you can rent or borrow.

They are easy to propagate. You will not be needing a big amount of money to start your own nursery. Choose the easy growing variety of small landscape plants. Plant cuttings on pots and when they grow, you can easily sell them. A huge market is waiting for your landscape plants. Last year, 4 billion dollars was spent in the industry. You might ask, why do these plants sell? There are a lot of large growers in the business that cannot produce enough for the demand. These growers will be your valuable customers. They will buy your small landscape plants so they can provide for the huge demand in the market. Landscape and garden centers are also regular customers of landscape plants. If you love planting or want to quit your 9 to 5 job for a home business, then you should try the planting and selling of landscape plants.

Tips on How to Start Your Small Landscape Plants Business

You do not need a lot of money to start your small landscape plants business. Like what we have discussed earlier in this article, all you need is a small piece of land, some cuttings, pot and soil and you’re good to go. Grow your plants from root cuttings. You can research online on the ways you can propagate small landscape plants. Next, choose an area where you can set up your nursery. Plant your cuttings on pots and as soon as they are well rooted, you can start selling them. If you wait till they are bigger, you can sell these plants for a higher price. You can start selling your small landscape plants to wholesale nurseries. There are many wholesale nurseries who are looking for landscape plants for a lower price. Many people will buy your less expensive products.

Buying from large nurseries can cost them more money because they sell small landscape plants for a more expensive price. They have large lands, employees, tractors, trucks and buildings to pay and maintain so they charge more. You on the other hand can sell these plants for a cheaper price because you invested very little on it. If you are still hesitant on starting your small landscape plants business then start with planting a few cuttings. Tend to them on your free time. Give a few to your friends and family. Before you know it, they come back to you and buy for themselves. You can also sell your plants on the internet. All you need is a website where you can post pictures of your plants.

Aside from being a lucrative business, planting small landscape plants can also be a relaxing hobby. You can spend family time planting and nurturing plants in your backyard. It is a rewarding experience that can start as a small business and can eventually grow into a full-time venture. Planting small landscape plants can be very addicting. You will also invest very little time and money for something that will help you earn hundreds and even thousands of dollars

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