network marketing distributorsNetwork marketing distributors find it important to have a great MLM sponsor. Although half of the people you take on into your company probably have had prior experience in networking, you’d also have the novices. In addition, you have no guarantee that the “experienced” network marketing distributors that you have recruited actually know the best practices in the business. After all, they jumped ship from one networking organization to another. And this could be attributed to lack of success in their previous company.

This is where being a good MLM sponsor is crucial. You have to help them adopt the best practices so that whatever failures happened before won’t happen again. Being a good network marketing distributor, apart from individual talent, can also be credited to having had good training from a sponsor. When new network marketing distributors are knowledgeable about what works and what doesn’t, they can do their work confidently. Don’t forget: confidence paves the way to success.

How to be a good sponsor to new network marketing distributors

To cultivate great distributors, a sponsor should teach them some rules.

1st Rule: Take it seriously

To achieve success, a network marketing distributor must truly want it. He/she must be teachable and steadfast in treating commitments with discipline. In short, treat it like a business.

2nd Rule: Simplicity is key

Simplicity runs down the ladder. If you follow a simple process, they’re likely to emulate your ways and pass it on to their own contacts. It encourages network marketing distributors and makes them feel like they can do it, as well. However, if you treat them rather roughly almost to the point of pressuring or forcing them into the business, they won’t take action. To put it simply, people wouldn’t want to do the things they don’t find nice.

3rd Rule: Highlight the “why”

You should know what a network marketing distributor wants from the venture. If you know why they want to attain success, you can understand them a lot better and keep them on track. Usually, network marketing distributors tend to quit upon encountering the first setback, But if you’re both clear about the end goal, you can easily remind them what their objective was in the first place. If the reason is strong, the journey becomes easier to conquer.

4th Rule: Set a time frame

Having a time-specific objectives list is a performance-booster for network marketing distributors. You should specify financial and sponsoring objective plans for the first, second, and third month. Quantifying goals help you work better.

5th Rule: Expose them to the people at the top

Your distributors should know their upline (the successful people who are already earning the income that the newbies are aiming for). Knowing and interacting with these people help network marketing distributors grasp their dreams better. It shows that the entire thing is realistic and that if they work hard enough, they’ll eventually attain what these people have attained. Also, if you have availability issues, they can ask help from their upline, instead.

6th Rule: Know where the tools are

Make sure your new network marketing distributors know where and how to obtain the materials they need when networking. Have brochures, business cards, and CDs handy and accessible for them.

7th Rule: Create a list of prospects

Every top earner has a list. It just makes scouting for prospects so much more efficient. The list usually starts with people your network marketing distributors already know.

8th Rule: Let them move at their own pace

Being an effective MLM sponsor is a continuous development. If you encounter distributors who move at a different pace than yours, let them be. Do not bully them into working faster. You may encourage, but you can’t fight human nature.


By now, your network marketing distributor should be ready to work towards success. They have their reasons determined, their timeframe highlighted, necessary upline contact details, the materials they need, and their prospect list. Don’t forget to be there as much as possible. Great network marketing distributors need great sponsors!

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