google newsGoogle News is Google’s attempt to make it a worldwide news center. But have you noticed the results delivered from it? If you look closely, you can see that the articles appearing on it are similar to the articles published by marketers everyday, making it appear like this new feature resembles an article directory.

For instance, try submitting Internet marketing articles. If you wonder if these would show up in Google News, you are right. Normally, they show up within two days of being indexed from other related and top websites.

Google News: how the contents are selected

There is a big possibility that “public relations” companies and “news centers” related to your field are making a profit from the results published by Google News. These days, press releases are considered by many as a form of news.

Take a look at websites that deliver content within it. You will notice that there is only a selected few that give all the results. This could mean that the algorithm of Google News is still very new and thus, there are plenty of issues to resolve. For this reason, it should create an expert team that are capable to seeing what are newsworthy or not in order to make it a go-to-site when it comes to these things.

If you are not yet convinced that this site is still at its infancy, search through its sections. Notice that there is only a small portion of results that come up. Compared to the results in regular search engines, like for instant Google’s main page itself, only a fraction of these results come up in Google News.

Check out the sections on the left. This is where you can find actual real-time stories: Top Stories, World, Business, Sci/Tech, Sports, Entertainment, and Health. If you want to find credible news online, this is where you should look.

Another reason why this could be just another article announcer is this: when you give Google your email address in order for it to deliver related articles to your inbox, this strategy is similar to any other regular newsletter, right? Does this mean that we are going to see Google Adwords within news alerts? Would there be a possibility that large corporations would advertise within their email alerts?

It seems that as time passes, people are now seeing less of the Google that was once before. It’s as if since its initial public offering, that applications are being launched are starting to look like the Yahoo! portal.

It’s not all negative

One good thing about Google News is that is allows users to customize their page so that they see the news topics that they want. To do this, look at the right side and find the button that tells you to customize the page. It is a drop down box that will show you the topics that you want to remove or customize. In this part of Google News page, you can also add a custom section for the topics that you wish to see on your News page.

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