good web designGood web design is a must if you ask any online marketer or businessman. It separates the so-so websites from the ones that will really be a hit. Here are some reasons to prove why it is so much better and much needed than just settling for just another typical web design.

5 Points Why Good Web Design is Essential

1. First and foremost, good web design is important. Your website is your business’ hub online.

It is the representation of your business in the virtual world. It still is whether you have a physical store or not. When doing transactions online, you are not able to see the people you are transacting with and vice versa. Their only point of reference is your webpage. And it is in human nature for people to judge the book by its covers. When all they can judge is your website, wouldn’t you want to have good web design all the more?

2. Let’s take a look at an alternate universe where you are running your business real-time, in the real world and not virtually.

Wouldn’t you want your sales representatives to be dressed sharp and chic? Would you allow them to be dressed shabbily or casually and just blend in with the rest of the crowd, especially when transacting with your clients? If you dress them up professionally and formally, this sends a message across your customers that you do mean business and these are partners that they can trust. This goes with the saying, “first impressions last.” If you bring this mindset to the online world, a good web design will bring a good impression to your site viewers, and hopefully will turn them into customers. Having a good design means dressing up your site professionally, and not shabbily or plain looking.

3. Your web design should not look like a “quick fix.” Good web design is one that has been carefully planned and carefully crafted.

The World Wide Web is full of millions of other sites that your site visitors have the power to ignore yours and move on to the next. So similar to the previous point, your web design should be dressed up and not look shabbily if you do want to stand out from the rest. Upon entering your site, you just have a few seconds for your visitors to judge whether you indeed have a good web design, good quality site, and whether transacting business with you is worth pursuing.

4. Good design also invokes professionalism. 

It shows that you have been meticulous and given proper attention to every detail of your site, and how much quality means to you. This reflects well on your business as well, that just by looking at your site with good web design, your potential customers will get a feel that in dealing with business; you too exhibit professionalism, diligence, and quality service. Just by looking at your site, they will feel that you do mean business.

5. If you really mean business and are serious and focused about, then everything that is connected to your business must be well-thought of.

It must be well-designed and well-executed. A good web design is just part of it. Along with your business card, letterhead, flyers, brochures, and other promotional materials. Every aspect must exude good quality. These will be the face of your business. Every little thing you release pertaining to your business reflects back on your business. And you as the businessman or owner.


I do hope I have made my point with these reasons why a good web design is important. If you really want to have a successful site to your business, having a nice web design is an essential step.

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