ghostwrite booksGhostwrite books if you want to explore what it really is to be a freelance writer. Serious freelance writers understand the truth that their income doesn’t just come from writing for magazines or clients. They get it through other sources as well. These freelance writers also write material for themselves and even ghostwrite books for other clients. If you’re looking to ghostwrite some books and e-books for clients as well, you’d be wise to consider the following:

When a client that hires you to ghostwrite, the rights to the articles or written work will go to them once you’ve been paid. So before you even begin to ghostwrite for your clients, see to it that:

  1. You receive a 50% retainer before you start working
  2. You receive the balance on or right before the delivery of your output.

As simple as that! If the book turns out to be a success, wonderful! Be extremely proud, but from a distance. Being a good ghostwriter means you learn how to enjoy your glory as one in the shadows as many ghostwriters do.

A great speaker I know from this industry who commands at least $10,000 per speaking engagement. While he is speaking is phenomenal and his writing is mind-blowing, he doesn’t write his books alone. He contributes, but never writes them himself. He hires someone named Shelly to ghostwrite books for him. This ghostwriter is known to only a few people within the speaker’s circle. But why does Shelly allow all credit to go to the speaker? She is painfully shy and exceedingly talented as a writer and she believes she’s content with where she is because she is where she needs to be and so is the speaker. If you’re looking to ghostwrite books as well, have the same mindset. Stay invisible as a ghostwriter and accept payment as credit enough for your work.

7 Tips to Ghostwrite Books for Clients

  1. Meet the needs of the “author”. – When you ghostwrite, make sure that you try to meet the requests and specific needs that the “author” might want in the output. Exert effort to make your client happy by covering exactly the content they want
  2. Be open to making needed changes. – To ghostwrite books involves the likely chance of revising and changing things simultaneously for as long as two months, especially if the book needs to be screened by an editor or publisher. Make the needed changes as per the requests of your clients but don’t wait on final payment if final approval hasn’t been received from the publisher of the client you’re going to ghostwrite books for.
  3. Write as if the work was your own. – When you ghostwrite, treat it as your own; meaning you should always consistently write without compromising quality and making sure that it is done in a professional manner.
  4. Don’t sign incomplete contracts on the subject of the book. – Never ghostwrite books for clients if they aren’t sure on what the subject of their material should be. If a client asks for one, you’d be wise to reject the project and not ghostwrite for them. The protection of your work and theirs as well are at stake. In writing, the saying “to thine own self be true” is probably the truest of all.
  5. Present exceptional work. – Just as your client owes you money for a job well done as you ghostwrite books for them, you owe it to them to write your articles or books with exceptional quality.
  6. Make up for your wrongs. – When a client is dissatisfied, make it right for them. Even though they’ve already paid you after you ghostwrite books for them. Doing this can open you to a stable job and referrals as satisfied clients usually become repeat clients.
  7. Use a pen name. – Jeanine Anne, a freelance writer and ghostwriter suggests that when you ghostwrite books, you ought to use a pen name. She said that by doing so, there’ll be no harm done to your real name if someone decides to spam you. Other than that, you can’t be too sure what the client will do to your work after you ghostwrite books for them. The client may add content that you won’t fancy or isn’t your writing style at all. Having a pen name is a good thing to consider if you ghostwrite for clients. After all, once your work is out of your hands, it becomes theirs.

Do you fancy the idea of being paid to ghostwrite books for others? It’s a great time for you to be alive. There are many ghostwriting gigs open for hiring at the following sites:


You also have the option to create your own ghostwriting gigs by networking or marketing yourself as a writer. Before you know it, you’ll find yourself with a booming freelance career as you continue to ghostwrite books.

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