ghost writersGhost writers produce written content for various sites and clients. Though you may not have heard of them much, these writers are more common than you think. This aspect of the ­writing and publishing history has been around for a long time.

From academic thesis ghost writers providing a nice income for students, to big business corporate writers, these articles are everywhere. In fact, many of the material on the internet that you see may have been written by these writers. After all, you don’t know who wrote those articles.

Who are Ghost Writers?

Ghost writers are individuals who earn money doing what they love – writing. Sometimes, they are those who are aspiring novelists, yet haven’t been able to secure big book contracts. They can also be freelance writers, or full-time.

Not all are skilled in all writing forms. There are, after all, different kinds of articles and content published online.

What are their Backgrounds?

Ghost writers write polished books, articles, speeches and corporate publication. As such, they need the skills and experience in writing.

In the publishing and writing industry, there are book doctors, freelance editors, freelance writers and, of course, ghost writers. Freelance writers sometimes act as ghostwriters as well. They don’t actually work as full-time freelance writers.

Why Hire Ghost Writers?

These writers are hired by a variety of people and organizations. Big companies hire ghost writers to fill up the content of their website, including their About page, features and product descriptions. They can also be hired by business owners, college students and other entrepreneurial individuals to do work for them specifically.

Basically, people hire ghost writers to write create and compelling stories. These companies and people may want to share a particular thought or idea, but don’t have the means to write well.

Companies also hire them regularly because while they produce work for the company, they aren’t actually employees. Companies don’t need to pay ghost writers the same way, or give them benefits.

How Do You Hire Ghost Writers?

Hiring a ghost writer involves a very simple process. The internet is a good place to outsource online writing needs. Most companies and individuals who look for ghost writers go online. Online platforms such as Elance and Rent a Coder make it easier than ever.

Clients commission them on an hourly basis, or with a flat fee. The rate depends on the project.

Lastly, hiring competent ghost writers involves looking at their portfolio. It’s important to know what work they’ve done in the past. Their credentials go a long way in determining the quality of work.

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