getting referralsGetting referrals is easy. Getting some referrals is hard. Depending on who you’re asking, the ease or difficulty depends on the salesperson. To get referrals from customers or prospects is really not a big issue. Asking for names and contact information of friends or relatives from your customers should be done with conviction.

Getting referrals is nothing more than asking someone to introduce you to somebody they know. Another mistake most sales people make is thinking that there is just one appropriate to ask for referrals. Some sales people wait until a deal was closed then getting referrals. There are a lot of opportunities to ask for referrals from your customers. It should not be a difficult thing to do. We have listed some ways on how to go about it without looking too desperate.

Ways in Getting Referrals

  1. Getting some referrals from people who turned you down. People who refused your proposal might want to give you a little consolation if you’ve been a good sales person. When you make cold or warm calls to prospective clients and they refuse, ask for referrals. If they refuse your proposal, it doesn’t mean that they don’t like it or they don’t like you. Ask if someone they know might be interested.
  2. Getting referrals from client calls. If you are on an appointment in area that you do not frequent, you might want to hit a lot of birds with one stone. Ask the client you are on appointment with if they know someone in the area who you can visit while in the area.
  3. Getting referrals during warm-up. The perfect time to ask for referrals is during the warm up before a presentation. When you are getting to know your prospects, ask about their family and friends too. If you play your cards right, you can integrate your spiel to your warm up talk.
  4. Getting referrals during the presentation. There are several opportunities during your presentation that will allow you to get referrals. Maximize dead airs. Ask them to fill out referral forms so their family and friends can also hear about your product.
  5. Getting referrals during closing. An excellent opportunity to ask for referrals is when you are about to close the deal. You can make your customers think that giving referrals can be an advantage. Give them incentives for referrals like providing a lower price or extra benefits. If you can provide a price drop, use it to buy the referrals from your customers.
  6. Getting referrals during product delivery. Take advantage of the customer’s enthusiasm during product delivery. After you delivered or installed the product, ask for referrals especially if they are happy with the way you conducted business.
  7. Getting referrals through excellent customer service. If you resolved a customer’s problem in an efficient manner, it is the best time to ask for referrals. Providing excellent customer service will let them know that you can be trusted. Their family members or friends will not be disappointed if they give referrals.

Giving referrals might be hard for some customers because they might think that they are compromising the contact information of their loved ones. Ask with conviction without looking desperate. Make sure that you do your best to make your customers see the beauty of your product so that they will not have doubts when you ask for referrals.

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