picasaPicasa is an application for your computer that lets you manage and edit your photos, as well as create galleries. It can also be used for sending photos via e-mail and creating movies. Picasa makes handling your photos a lot easier. It lets you automatically update your Picasa Web Albums and create a movie presentation. With all these offers, it’ll be crazy not to be interested.

Even getting started with Picasa is a piece of cake. You only need to follow these seven easy steps:

1) Go to http://picasa.google.com.

2) Click on the Download button and start downloading the application.

3) Click on “Run” once the download is complete.

4) Choose a location for its installation and click on “Install”.

5) Pick your preferences on the Setup Window.

6) Click on “Finish”

7) Launch Picasa and get started.

When you’ve installed Picasa on your computer, you can start enjoying its functions. You can start emailing photos with Picasa. It’s fast and easy. Go to Picasa Interface and choose the image you want to send. After this click on the email button and choose which email program you want to use. Picasa wall automatically create your email and message body for you. Once this is done, you only have to choose its recipient and click send.

Create Movies with Picasa

Picasa also offers its users the opportunity to create movies. It all starts with selecting the videos and images that you want use. After you have chosen, click on the “Movie” icon. The program will then show you the movie maker screen with all the images you have selected. You can then edit these or add more photos and videos depending on your taste. When you’re done, you can see a preview by clicking in the “Play Full Screen” button. If you’re satisfied with your work, you can click on “Create Move” and it will start the process of making your movie. You also have the option of uploading it on Youtube, if you want to.

There’s so much you can do with Picasa. Immediately, you can see that it’s a program that can be helpful to you, not only in an artistic aspect but also when it comes to organizing. So, keep your photos organized and create something fun and creative with Picasa. If you’re interested in learning more about Picasa, you can visit: http://picasatutorials.com

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